Pokémon Showdown: An authentic Pokémon Battle Simulator (with some Bells and Whistles)

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Pokémon Showdown is a completely free Pokémon Battle simulator for those of us who don’t have the patience to do all that grinding. There’s a downloadable client and an in-browser client that’s pretty much just as good. It follows in the same vein as Pokemon Online and others before it, but this one having an in-browser client seems to do wonders for it, as it’s been supported and updated for the past 3 (maybe 4) generations without any sign of slowing down where others had crashed and burned long ago.
It doesn’t look as pretty as the real thing, but it’s exceptionally easy to share battles and highlights from, and allows for spectators.
Non-Standard Metagames
All Generations Support

I might start a P’Zone league at some point if anyone shows interest. I’ll reserve space just in case.

RIP Funbro

March’s Metagame of the Month is: FULL POTENTIAL
Short Explanation: Tthe highest stat of each Pokemon is used to calculate their damage instead of the usual corresponding attack stat.


I’d be down to be utterly beaten by people!

I’d be up for a Tourney

sign me up, i won’t guarantee beatdowns but i’ll guarantee i’d enjoy it

I don’t play competitive normally, but actually I love being body slammed by half a dozen perfect Pokemon. And this isn’t fainting, it’s a victory nap.

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Okay so I guess there’s some interest for tournament play. Uhhhh I guess in that case what would you all want the format to be?
First thoughts from me are Battle Spot Singles or VGC 2017 (official tournament regulation doubles), but I guess we could get creative if anyone has ideas.


So to whoever it may concern, it appears the non-pokemon opponents from Pokestar Studios have been programmed into the engine by someone? I don’t know what they’re planning to do with this but I’m curious.

March’s Metagame of the Month is Full Potential, in which the highest stat of each Pokemon is used to calculate their damage instead of the corresponding attack stat. As such, Pheramosa and Shuckle have been banned outright, as well as the ability Speed Boost. It’s pretty fun but it centralized around Tapu Koko and Alolan Raichu cores, for now.