Pokemon GO F-IND SOme pokemon and have a fun time!



Pokemon GO came out last summer and was a huge success, then everyone realized how broken it was and got too frustrated to play it anymore. But now this new update just came out, and I found myself falling for this game all over again, except now it functions! So post your tips, tricks and flips, or post some fun stories and findings you collected through out your trips.

Rules: DON’T DRIVE AND PLAY, if you post yourself doing this, I’ll do something boy howdy!
Also be careful that the pictures you may post do not contain information you do not want to release, (like location or your face)


Honestly speaking, driving and playing isn’t even really possible. The app itself is designed to prevent it - my experiments in the passenger’s seat have shown me that if you go much above 20 mph, it won’t even spawn in the local poes until you slow down, will not consider you to be moving for purposes of increasing counters, and will not allow you to collect nearby pokestops. You could theoretically play at stop lights or stop signs, but this is still an incredibly stupid thing to do.


sup boys

I recently got a Pokemon Go Plus because my work is on top of a Pokestop and it’s been Nuts since. I’d recommend buying one if you play with any kind of regularity, if only because it does a way better job tracking your steps so you can hatch eggs way quicker and lets you play while your phone is in your pocket or you’ve got another app open. Also it lets you “play” while you drive, in that it tracks steps when you’re moving slower than 25 mph and lets you 1-click-catch pokes (if you’re lucky). Very helpful if you get caught in traffic during rush hour.

I’m overall pretty damn happy with the recent update - not really a fan of gen 2 but having new pokes around is neat. The gym changes were hilariously bad at first but after the quick move fix things are much better and Blissey isn’t a fucking nightmare.

Hoping they add some kind of way to reroll your quick/charge moves for your Pokemon. It’s fun catching/hatching Pokemon with various IVs but when their moves aren’t any good it’s not fun.


I found this Gastly at an abandoned Blockbuster.


I don’t play Pokemon Go, but I would appreciate it if people could post pics of my favorite dumb boys, Totodile and Sudowoodo, thanks in advance


I started playing a bit on release, but living in rural-ass Idaho means there’s only like, two stops in a 15 mile radius of where I love.

Novelty kinda wore out pretty quick, I might have to get on of the Pro/Plus/Whatever pendant wrist things and try again.


I don’t walk enough to hatch all the eggs I acquire :frowning: I have to start committing time to winning gyms to harvest 10 coins at a time to buy a couple extra incubators just to keep the egg train rolling.

I am the only one of my 5 friends still playing that hasn’t caught a Ditto yet. They remind me far too frequently.


I basically do zero battling or gym farming, but I love collecting pokes and I’m happy that Gen 2 is already here.

Word of warning if you’re planning to start, though: make sure your phone has a gyroscope. Mine doesn’t, and I can’t use the ‘pokemon overlayed on the real world thanks to camera’ feature.


Fun fact: that feature makes it significantly harder to actually catch pokemon so a lot of players turn it off anyway.


I gotta disagree there, the gyroscope makes catching Pokemon a lot easier! With the gyroscope, you can angle the camera away for an easier target. It REALLY helps with curve balls, which, (heh), I would know since I am a pro at them.


I suppose the easier/harder divide may have to do with willingness and/or ability to do the dance of figuring out where the thing is. I mostly play while getting in walks at the park or mall (depending on weather and temperature) and so it is much easier for me personally to catch stuff without the camera on.

I imagine the ‘easier to catch’ thing is because the pokemon sits in one place, and for a lot of people that’s easier than curveball shenanigans.


(I hope it’s ok to bump a thread that’s been inactive this long)

They launched a friend/trading system a few weeks (months?) ago. It’s a pretty good way to get eggs from places far away without actually traveling.


In other news Blisseys still suck to fight.