Pokemon Black Version: Chaos Edition [Featuring Kevin]

Hi I’m [INCONSISTENT USER NAME ON ALL ACCOUNTS] and me n’ my friend are paly Pokemon. Originally posted in the romhackeria thread on Something Awful, I had 4 episodes ready at the time of its closure so it’s here now too. I promise it’s not a youtube dump.

Chaos Edition?
This is Pokemon Black version run through the Universal Pokemon Randomizer with most of the boxes ticked.

Does this count as a romhack?
It’s a modification of the code of a video game rom, so yeah.

So what boxes did you tick?
-Base Stats are completely randomized, though they will fall under the original Base Stat Total (BST).
-EXP curve is normalized so everything will level up at the same rate.
-Stat Randomization ordering will follow the evolutionary line.
-BSTs will be changed to the updated totals from future games in the series, so things like Pidgeot and Beedrill will have a few more points to work with.
-Pokemon will evolve into ANYTHING as long as they share a type, and will more than likely evolve into something of a similar strength to what they would normally evolve into in an unmodified game.
-Also the types of Pokemon and all moves are changed. Type effectiveness remains the same as the base game.
-Pokemon Abilities are randomized. Wonder Guard will appear. Arena Trap, Shadow Tag, Magnet Pull, Truant, Slow Start, and Defeatist will not.
-Starters will all be randomized, as long as they can evolve 2 more times.
-Static Field Pokemon are randomized (Legendary Pokemon will always be a random Legendary Pokemon, Non-legendaries will always be non-legendary)
-Trades are completely random
-Moves, on top of having new typing, will also have random Power, Accuracy, PP, and damage type Category (Physical/Special)
-Movesets are randomized completely as well, with weaker moves generally being learned first.
-All Pokemon start with 4 Moves.
-Trainers have random Pokemon with type-themed teams.
-life is a hell we can never escape without losing everything
-Trainers will have different names and class names, and will always have Fully Evolved Pokemon after level 45.
-Every Pokemon on a route will be replaced with a new Pokemon, and will repeat infrequently in the hopes that duplicates on routes will be uncommon.
-No legendaries will appear in the wild outside of normal event locations.
-All Wild Pokemon have their held item tables randomized.
-All TMs and their compatibility will are randomized. All HMs can be learned by everything so that we can’t get stuck.
-All Items on the overworld are randomized entirely.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Reserved post for something after the next recording session when the audio quality improves.

Also let me know if I should ditch the intro. I liked it but it seems like that’s not popular opinion.