Planetside 2, Enemy Cloaker Nearby

So a friend of mine got me into Planetside 2 recentishly, Connery/Vanu.

Anyone else play or interested in playing?

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I have played it a few times but my god do I feel like I suck at it

It can definitely be a lot to take in all at once. Do you play on PC or PS4? If PC, you could poke around in the VR area to familiarize yourself with things so you can take things more apace.

Yeah I play for Pc and I might have to do that thanks for the advice

Sure thing. What server/faction are you? If you’re on Connery with the Vanu I’d be willing to help you learn and play with you.

im actually looking that up now and i will let you know

Im Vanu and on Emerald server

Ah, yeah, can’t help you cross-server I’m afraid. So saying, if you’re on the LPZ Discord, I wouldn’t mind just talking about the game with you. sometime.

i just got on it last night so hopefully we can