Phone posting bugs or something?

Okay so when I’m on my phone and posting on this forum it often ejects me from the text box and closes my keyboard. Then it takes several moments of reselecting the text box to bring my keyboard back and resume typing. Is this issue on my end or on yours? This doesn’t happen in other forums I use.

Not happening at all on my end - Android user here. Could you tell us what phone you’re using so we can let Discourse know?

Yeah I’ve got an Samsung Galaxy S7. And it appears to only be happening (or at least happening more) when I have a notification from activity in one of my already too many threads or posts referring to me. Turning off all notifications might be a solution but then I’d have to manually keep up and I really like this system. It’s an excellent merger of social media and forum.

Also I really like that it saves posts. There have been so many times I have back buttoned out of posts and that feature has saved me and made this glitch or bug or whatever only an obnoxious inconvenience instead of a devastating devourer of my huge posts.

…speaking of which you might not want to fix it because it’s keeping me from making huge posts… which is a thing I do a lot.