Otome Game: Where We Court Different Types of Guys One at A Time



I’m bad with the topic line I guess :sweat_smile:
Recently I start playing both Code: Realize and Collar x Malice, and I really fell in love with how interesting the setting and characters are! While I don’t play many dating sims title to have a comprehensive comparison, these 2 games surprise me with how detailed they go for the background story and related keywords. CR sets around 19th century London while CxM sets at modern Shinjuku. The plot for both games involves solving mystery tying directly with the heroine herself so the heroine does not really out of the scene most of the times.

I haven’t finish the whole game but can’t wait to see if others have tried the games? Both games also have fandisc and extra contents released. Also just wondering if there are any Otome game lovers here? Mind to share favorite titles/artists?