Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


The thread title is the message I get whenever I try to access my user page, bookmarks or settings.
I could live without my user page or bookmarks, but what if I want to, like, change my password or something. Oh no!

I hope I’m the only one with this problem right now but even if I am this is something that probably should be fixed before more people are infected.


I’m seeing this as well.


Notifications also seem broken right now, I did not get a notification for wotter’s post here despite me “watching” the thread.


Try it now. Hopefully I just fixed it.

What happened is that Discourse has a “1-click upgrade” system that makes updating it easy. Except when it fails - when that happens all manner of chaos can happen. So I just manually upgraded instead.


It works now, yes. Even got notifications from that “down” time. Everything seems in order. Thanks.