OhThatNK (occasionally) Streams

Hey, haven’t posted here in a long time but I’m finally trying to get in the habit of streaming things and I’m slowly getting… better? At least my presentation has improved by a lot. Seriously, you should see my first ever stream. You can find me over at https://www.twitch.tv/ohthatnk!

Right now I’ve been trying to play through a few Grasshopper Manufacture games. I’ve streamed LET IT DIE a couple of times (although I plan to restart it) but my big focus is on sharing games from Suda’s Kill The Past series, and for now I’m going through their 1999 visual novel, The Silver Case. It’s maybe a bad choice to stream, but NicRNack on twitter and I like to gush about it and we always hope more people will want to get into the series as well. If you haven’t played it then I highly recommend you do so, but don’t go in expecting the No More Heroes Suda flair.

The Silver Case:
Part 1: Lunatics