Of Ash and Ember: Lets Play Dark Souls 3

Hello, and welcome to my lets play of Dark Souls 3, the third game in the Dark Souls trilogy.


Q: What is the purpose of this lets play?
I will be playing through the entirety of Dark Souls 3, and detailing how to do so.
Q: Can I post spoilers for the game?
No. Keep discussion limited to what has been shown
Q: Can I discuss the lore of the souls series as a whole?
Yes! Please try and refrain from mentioning spoilers for the plot of Dark Souls 3, and if you have to remember to spoiler mark it.
Q: Are you any good at the game?

With that out of the way, lets get into the game!
Intro Cutscene
This is our character creation screen. At the start of the game, you can pick from 10 classes.
The Knight, a class that starts with good all around physical stats. (More on stats later)

The Mercenary, specializing in dexterity.

The Warrior, who has high strength, but is lacking in the spellcasting stats.

The Herald, who starts with a healing miracle, decent faith, and some physical stats.

The Thief, another dexterity based class, but with higher luck ,and a bow.

The Assassin, another hybrid, this time focused more on sorcery.

The Sorcerer, a sorcery focused glass with poor physical stats

The Pyromancer, a pyromancy focused class with decent strength.

The Cleric, a class with high faith, and two healing miracles.

The Deprived, who starts with no armor, the lowest level, and no focus on stats.

Stats play a crucial part in your character, influencing your health, stamina, focus points, what you can wear, and what weapons and spells you can use.
VIGOR: Influences your health total.
ATTUNEMENT: The higher your attunement, the more focus points you have. Focus is used in spellcasting, and when you use weapon arts. Also gives more spell slots.
ENDURANCE: Stamina. More stamina= more rolls, attacks, and generally stuff you want to be doing in a Souls game.
VITALITY: Gives you more equip load, letting you equip heavier weapons and armor without being slowed down.
STRENGTH: Lets you equip strength based weaponry. The higher your strength, the harder you’ll hit, most strength weapons are slow, powerful, and hard hitting.
DEXTERITY Lets you equip dexterity based weapons. Usually affects bows, knifes, and the smaller but faster hitting weapons.
INTELLEGENCE: Used for casting sorceries. The smarter you are, the wider variety of spells you can cast. Also affects pyromancies.
FAITH: Used for casting miracles. Being a good religious boy in the souls universe also lets you throw lightning. Also affects pyromancies.
LUCK Affects item drop rates. Also affects certain status effects, but i will cover those when they come up.
You may have seen me mention sorceries, miracles and pyromancies, and if your new to the Souls franchise, your probably wondering what those are.
Spellcasting requires focus points, stamina, attuned spells, and the stats needed to attune spells. There are 3 types of spells.
SORCERIES: Arcane magic. Usually long range, cast with staffs, and primarily blue in color. Useful for pelting enemies from a distance, they cant kill you if they cant get close.
MIRACLES: Miracles can heal, damage, or buff, but are primarily focused on the healing aspect.
PYROMANCIES Fire. Pyromancies get stronger with both faith and intelligence, and are focused on throwing fire, fire, and sometimes more fire.

With that out of the way, lets get into the game! First off, we need a character.

For this playthrough i will be using the KNIGHT class, simply because they are the most basic class. After the opening portion of the game, class has little effect, it simply determines your starting stats and gear.

We also need a burial gift. Burial gifts give you a item at the start of the game to help you get started, as all of the items listed here can be obtained in game. I selected the Sovereignless Soul, which you can use to obtain souls. Souls are the games currency, used for leveling up and buying items.
Lets get started.

The game opens with a fade in on a graveyard, with a bell ringing in the distance.

The camera approaches a lone coffin, in a corner of the graveyard.

A figure stands up ,seemingly awoken by the bell

Watch it here (note: not my video)

Where the hell am I.

See you next time!

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Welcome back! Today we will be progressing through the first area, and fighting our first boss.

image Why the hell am I in a cementary.

image At least I still have my armor and weapons.

image Oh thank the sun, theres someone else here. Exuse me, can you tell me where -

image Nope guess not.

image Is that some tresure I spot? Gimmie.

image Can I drink this? For sitting out in the open, its very cold. Wait where did these other flasks come from? Why are they warm?

I messup up the screen capture on the top pic, you can barely see the legs.
image Sorry fella, the other person dressed like you tried to cut my throat. Not taking any chances.

Backstabs deal a large amount of damage, and plenty of enimies can be backstabbed. Expect to see that a lot.

image Great, they have crossbows now. Why are the bolts on fire?

image Ow.
Like I said, im not the best at the souls games. I whiffed an attack and got a bolt to the chest for my troubles.

image Huh. This flask makes me feel better. I dont taste anything, its just… warm.

The estus flask restores your HP. Very important.

image I think I see a way out of here, maybe I can find someone whos not insane.

image This looks like a good spot to sit down and rest for a bit. I havent had to swing my sword in a while.

image Even if I dont know where I am, this is quite beautiful.
Dark Souls 3 is easily the prettiest game of the series, and has some breathtaking shots.

image Enough rest, I need to keep moving. Gotta find out why I woke up in a coffin.

Resting at a bonfire restores your hp and estus flasks, and act as the checkpoints for the game.

image Agh that hurts. Been a while since ive had to deflect a blade with my sheild.
I messed up one of the simplest parry timing in the games. This will be a reccuring theme.

image Your wide open pal.

This game has a large amount of bloodsplatter.

image Damn, I really am out of practice. Good thing my armor seems to be in good condition still.

image Prepare thy anus pal.

image Watch where you step pal. Steep drop.

The kick is useful for 2 things. Re-enacting the scene from 300, and breaking sheild gaurds.

image Ooh explosives my favorite. Seem to be a bit less powerful than what I’m used to, but it’ll do.

image Dammit my legs. I will get you, stupid coffin treasure.

image YES.

image NO.

Once you start rolling, you cant stop.

image Third times the charm.

image Sweet! Its… a rock. Huh.

image Oh suns above is he dead. Please be dead.

image Oh thank goodness. He’s mega dead. Looks like some weird snakes or leeches have made a nest… I think I’ll move on.

image Great. The doors stuck. Maybe I can use something around here to pry them open.

image This hunk of metal lodged in this mans chest should work just fine.

image Ah. Fuck. Not dead.

Welcome to the first boss of Dark Souls 3. Iudex Gundyr. He kicked my ass more than once on my frist few playthroughs.

image Now that your uh awake? Can you open the door for me? You seem a lot stronger than I do.

image :gonk:


image Whew… I think its over… I need to lay down.

See yall next time!


Hello again! Today we will be finishing up the Cemetery of Ash, meet some people, and doing a sick jump.

image Alright. I took a nice long nap, need to keep movin. Lets see if I cant get those doors open with this thing.

image Things so twisted and warped. Can’t hit anything with it.

image Huh. They open now. Weird.

image Outta my way.

Homeward bones are very useful. They let you return to the bonfire you last rested at, saving a backtrack trip when low at health, or can be used to escape a emergency if needed.

image Ahhhhh… praise the sun.

image Well. Maybe I can find some people here who can tell me what the blazes is going on.

image Oh praise be. Someone who can talk.

image Welcome to the bonfire, Unkindled One.I am a Fire Keeper.
I tend to the flame, and tend to thee.
The Lords have left their thrones, and must be deliver’d to them.
To this end, I am at thy side.

image …what.

Meet the firekeeper. She’s how you level up, and has given us our goal. Find the Lords, and return them.

image What in the stars have I gotten myself into.

image Slide this in here I guess.

image Ahhh, another one, roused from the sleep of death? Well, you’re not alone. We Unkindled are worthless. Can’t even die right. Gives me conniptions.
And they’d have us seek the Lords of Cinder, and return them to their molding thrones.
But we’re talking true legends with the mettle to link the fire. We’re not fit to lick their boots.
Don’t you think? Hahahahahaha

image Well aint you a ray of sunshine.

This is Hawkwood. He’s sad

He’s so sad he shows you how to be sad

image Oh, thou’rt unkindled, and a seeker of Lords. I am Ludleth of Courland. Look not in bewilderment as I say… I linked the fire long ago, becoming a Lord of Cinder. If substantiation be thy want, set thine eyes upon my charred corpse. This sad cadav’r. No need to be coy, have a closer look.

This is Ludleth. He doesn’t do much now, but will become very useful later.

image Knowest thou of our purpose? Five thrones will take five Lords, as kindling for the linking of the Fire. The fast fading Flame must be linked to preserve this world. A re-enactment of the first linking of the fire. So it is, I became a Lord of Cinder. I may be but small, but I will die a colossus.

image Oooookkk… thanks I guess? Also nobody’s mouth here moves. How are you talking.

We learn a bit more about the lords, and of Ludleth. Also I cant show it, but mouths don’t move when people speak in Ds3.

image IS THAT A GHOST? :gonk:

Sometimes around bonfires, echoes of other players will show up. Kinda neat!

image A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ashen One. I am but a humble handmaiden of the shrine.
Weapons, armor, trinkets, and spells…
I’ve lots of little things to ease the burden of a weary traveller.
…and yes, I’m Undead, too, but not so charitable as to give my goods away.
Ashen One, fetch souls, and bring them to me.
As is thy wont, no?

image You take souls for currency? Wild.

This is our shopkeep.

image Well, a newcomer I see.
I am Andre, I serve in this shrine as a humble smith forging new weapons.
You’re in search of the Lords of Cinder, I trust?
A toilsome journey, I wager. You’ll require good arms.
Let me smith y’ weapons. I am a smith, such is my purpose.

image Oh thank the stars. A man of the hammer.

This is Andre. Andre lets us upgrade our weapons. Andre is also cool.

image A bit stuffy in here. I need a bit of fresh air.

image Damn.

Soul items can be used to gain souls. Useful when you need a few more to level, or to get something in the shop.

image Wonder if I can jump up there.

image Still got it.

image Oh Suns above. I hate heights.

That item is an estus shard. Can be used to get another swig of estus. You want these.

image You, you! Me me Pickle Pee! Me, me Pump-a-rum!
This is Pickle Pee, the crow. You can trade certain items with them for items you cant get elsewhere, or hard to find items.

Dropping a homeward bone gets us iron bracelets

image What the… someone scratched a message here?

These orange marks are messages left by other players. They can vary from helpful, to useless, to trying to get you to jump off a cliff

image Fake wall. Wouldn’t have known if someone didn’t scratch that down.

This ring gives us 10% more souls. Very useful at all points in the game.

image Hey there pal… you friendly?

image Nope.

This is the Sword Master. He can be a tough fight for early characters but… he’s next to a cliff.

image Thank you gravity.

image Looks like he dropped his sword. Pretty unique, I haven’t seen this make before.
A way Ds3 is merciful. If you kill a non-respawning enemy that drops an item, such as the Sword Master, with gravity, if you quit out and reload the game, the items will be where the enemy spawns

Put some points into strength, dexterity, and vigor.

Two Firebombs to not waste any souls.

image Guess I should get goin. How does this work? Just close my eyes and think or-

image …Oh

image What have I gotten into.

See you next time folks!