Occasional Streams with This One Guy™

Hi, hello, it’s me, that handsome devil. When the stars align, I do stream videogames. I don’t do it too often, though, because I lose track of time and stream all day long, and I have to pretend to be a busy adult with many things to do on the weekends. If I do get to build a new PC in the coming months, I’ll probably be able to stream more often, and in HD, too!

Because of my lack of time and adequate hardware keeping me from streaming regularly, I have no current schedule, specific chat rules and expectations, moderators, or anything else. Nevertheless, I like to give it a go. My current thinking is that I may use streams as an informal and public way of doing prep work for LPs, so anybody who’d be interested in a bit of a sneak peek behind the curtain of how I’d plan out LPs of non-linear games or whatever else, feel free to come along and chat it up!

Find my streams over here on Hitbox, where I’ll probably update some text descriptions at some point; my next stream is planned for, oh, about 12 hours from now. I’ll post in the stream thread when I’m going live, too.