obvious replies to post

There doesn’t seem to be any obvious tell that you’ve replied to a specific post in a thread, which could get confusing if you’re not replying to the directly previous post. Would there be a way to have it quote the replied message, or at least put up a small line of info saying you’re replying to a post?

You can also quote people if you wanna make sure. Just highlight the part of the post you want to quote and select “Quote”

Well, Yes, but that’s not gonna be something everyone will want (or remember) to do. It could lead to some threads being hard to follow.

Also when you reply directly to someone’s post rather than the thread in general the avatar and username of the person you’re responding to appears in the top right corner of your post. If you click on it the post being responded to pops up. Then if you click the up arrow at the top of that pop-up post you’ll be taken directly to that post in the thread.

So by looking in the corner you can see that this post is a reply to IGgy’s post.

If you think we need something more than that I can add it to the site suggestions, though.

Oh. I see the issue. It just doesn’t show up for your own posts. Okay then. That’s fine.

I’ve got a little CSS tweak which appends a ‘Replying to’ label to the top right corner that @dijondujour mentioned.

It additionally appears when you’re writing a reply, either to a person or a topic:

I’ve been using this for quite some time and it might help users establishing who they’re replying to. I’ll add it if people think it’s helpful/useful and that it doesn’t get in the way.

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