Now that I'm here: The Activism Thread!


Let’s just all agree that I, that notorious FYAD poster, am the best person to start this thread. There are a lot of protests springing up across the United States of America and elsewhere and there are countless activism groups and charities that could use support via volunteering and/or donations. I feel it’s very important to just keep active to the best of our ability here in the states because I’m gonna be real with you guys, things are looking really grim. I’d like users to post up information about events like protests, town hall meetings, union strikes, etc going on so others can spread it across their social media so it can reach the most people. I would also like users to suggest charities and organizations in this thread which I will add to the OP, and I’m gonna post immediately after this post and reserve the second post for events. I am going to be watching this thread like a hawk and assure you the OP and the second post will never be out of date. Let’s begin.

CAIR: The Council on Islamic-American Relations provides legal assistance and other support to Muslims as well as valuable information about the state of things. They could really use the dosh.

ACLU: The American Civil Liberties Union protects the rights of everyone with their army of lawyers and experts. They have raised so much money in the wake of the #MuslimBan but they could always use more.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Anti-discrimination, other things.

Planned Parenthood: This organization was created by a gross eugenicist with terrible opinions and now it’s probably the largest organization for women’s health and rights in the USA. Currently at risk of being defunded which is a nice way of saying they’re being discriminated against for their practices.

RAINN: The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network just does so much good stuff you guys I don’t even.

NAACP: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Donate to help black people. I have it on good authority that black people are pretty great.

Black Lives Matter: Psst, black people are really great.

BAJI: The Black Alliance for Just Immigration. They seem very dedicated.

National LGBTQ Task Force: Fighting for LGBTQ rights!

National Center for Transgender Equality: Trans people are also great.

Human Rights Campaign: I’m gonna be real with ya’ll, this organization is still on my shit list for having the gall to tell our trans brothers and sisters to wait their turn and that they’d come back for them as they focused on the LGB and their rights. I still consider them Fair Weather Fans who only came around once the trans community and those of us who weren’t willing to give up on our trans allies for the sake of our own rights swayed public opinion. They didn’t want to do any of the hard fighting but are more then happy to swoop in once we got the ball rolling and share in the glory and fuck them. But, sigh, they are trying and fighting for us all now so there you go.

NAMI: The National Alliance on Mental Illness rules okay?

DREDF: The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund civil rights and disability law for the disabled and their families.

Gonna add some soon for now I just wanna get this thread up.


Format for posting events: [Country, State, City, Location, Date, Time] then link to event website and talk a little about the event (this is optional.) Please note, this is for protest and counter-protest so if Nazis are up to something you can let us know too so we can go punch them. However, and this is very important.

:siren: Be very careful about protesting and counter-protesting. :siren:
You don’t want to get arrested and you definitely don’t want to do more harm than good. When I heard about the Women’s March for Life in DC I wanted to show up with a sign that said, “Frankly, I’m tired of being a person.” And march around with them trying to get into as many pictures as possible but clearer and more rational people talked me out of it. So if you counter-protest it’s better to not infiltrate their protest with sarcastic signs and shit because Poe’s law and also please don’t. Instead form your own protest for stuff you actually agree with (like ethics in video game journalism) and do your thing in their vicinity to the extent that your permits or whatever will allow. Don’t antagonize, don’t start shit, drown them out with your own chants (Tails is asexual!) Stay peaceful. And if you are going to punch a Nazi (please punch Nazis) make sure your identity is obscured and have a route of escape and several people to passively block pursuit.

Current Events:
[USA, DC, Senate building, tomorrow, don’t know yet] Democrats are doing a thing at the Senate building in DC tomorrow. More info soon.

Upcoming Events:

[quote=“Shmoo, post:20, topic:868”]
[USA, FL, WEST PALM BEACH, 2/4/17, 5 PM - 9 PM] - March to Mar-a-Lago for Humanity (#MARCHtoMAL)
[/quote] March to Trump Plaza because Trump’s SCOTUS nominee is the worst. #stolenseat Link to full post

The Science March April 22nd (that’s Earth Day.)
The Tax March April 15th

Resources for Starting Your Own Events:

  1. Planning and Organizing: Coming soon.

  2. When you need a permit and how to get one.

  3. Lining up speakers: Coming soon.

  4. Inundating social media and spreading the word: Coming soon.


Funny, this thread popped up just as I’m uploading footage I took from the Battery Park protest that happened on Sunday.


Pics and such belong here too! I’m still digging stuff up. Sorry, literally writing this same thread several other places and raging on Twitter and a host of other things.

Oh, if you post pics (please post pics) please take the time to blur faces just in case. Also ask people’s permission to photograph them if/when possible.


I have pics on my phone with unblurred faces. Ill blur them when I get back. I think I poseted them to twitter unblurred though. :<


Some people don’t have the know how to blur (that’s me) and sometimes you just can’t blur for Reasons. Generally, I think it’s best to try to blur whenever possible but I’m not gonna say anyone who doesn’t is a monster not to. Technically they’re kind of consenting to be photographed by being there, it’s really complicated. It’s not illegal, AFAIK, but it’s just polite to ask and blur if you can’t ask whenever possible.

Because there are assholes on the internet who have to ruin everything.


True, I’ll keep that in mind next time I go out! It didn’t even cross my mind. I’m gonna post the photos at least. Last one is a very unflattering accidental selfie. The guy next to me is my friend who I went with, and I know he’s cool with his face not blurred.


Is that a Palestine flag? I don’t know my flags very well. If that’s a Palestine flag in pics #1 & #2 then :pusheen:

Whatever flag it is? :thumbsup:


I’m not sure, but there was definiatly a lot of green + red + black/white flags around. I’m really bad with identifying flags, but I know those colors are commen to middle eastern countries.


If I’m seing this right, it’s an Iranian flag.

Also props for the thread! Not being a US citizen, I obviously won’t be able to attend these protests, but we’re dealing with our own idiots over here, so I will be protesting against them instead.


I would also like to open up myself as a resource for questions and advice if anyone has then; I have years of organizing experience and experience in radical action (ranging from civil disobedience direct action to protests to long term labor strikes)

anywho this isn’t a resume just saying I can answer stuff! I know a lot of people wanna get involved but are nervous or don’t know where to start, or have questions and disagreements with certain tactics and stuff


Please post pics and give trip reports when you go so I can insufferably share them to my 50 twitter followers (at least 20% bots, no doubt.)

I’ll be editing this with some of my pics from the Woman’s March after I wake up.


Also, thanks for making the thread! I know a lot of streamers like to keep things apolitical so I wasn’t sure if that would be wanted here. Glad it is


As you watch me mobilize protests for equality and Civil Rights around the world in this thread, encourage people to post their stories and pictures, and try to keep this thing up to date. Remember that I am completely insincere and the ultimate long con troll and have been permabanned poster N****rstomper58 all along.

This is not true I am 100% genuine and completely sincere. I actually do just care about people this much and it’s sad that that is so alien to kiwifarms guys that they wholly embraced the unfunny joke I made as truth and regaled me as a hero.


Kiwifarms was taken down wasn’t it?


Sure, no problem :slight_smile: Cologne is gonna be quite busy with protests these next few months, and I’ll attend quite a few of them.


Yes, because they were doxxed. :ironicat:

Anyway, I’m gonna sit back and have some other posters dive in instead of responding to everything. I’ll be updating the Head Posts once I wake up.

Thank you for this. I am learning on my feet and I could use your experience. Others might as well.


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Heh, and one of my co-workers just tried to say that protesting does nothing.

Edit: And the video finally finished rendering!


[USA, FL, WEST PALM BEACH, 2/4/17, 5 PM - 9 PM] - March to Mar-a-Lago for Humanity (#MARCHtoMAL)
As many know, POTUS has a comfy winter home/resort in South Florida. And he’s gonna be here this weekend! What could possibly happen? Anyways, Saturday is a march from Trump Plaza (with a stop in George Petty Park for those who cannot do the whole route) to Mar-a-Lago. Let your voice be heard among other disgruntled Floridians. Please take into account though that there may be counter demonstrations or outside agitators or whatever else at the event. While Florida means a lot to me, it’s still Florida. There’s one event on FB I’ve seen trying to organize a counter-demonstration to “protect” Trump. It only has ~115 people interested with ~55 confirms last I checked, but it shouldn’t go ignored, despite being satisfyingly small.

(Small note: forecast prediction for Saturday evening is Florida cold, AKA mid sixties to low seventies, so maybe bring a jacket or cardigan)