Now 90% Less Dinosaurs! Let's Play Star Fox: Assault!

After the absolute tradgedy that was Star Fox: Adventures, Nintendo realized that following one of the best rail shooters on the N64 with a bad Ocarina of Time clone was not the smartest move. To create the next game, they decided to (attempt to) distance themselves from it by having it developed by Namco instead of RareWare, a good choice given their experience with Ace Combat.

Unfortunately, multiple elements from Adventures stuck around for some reason. Ground combat is now used as filler between the 4 Arwing-only missions. The initial trailer for Star Fox: Armada shown at E3 2004 was actually booed by the audience, and subsequently retooled into Assault, which much of the fun of the previous two games restored. Sadly, it didn’t do well enough for Nintendo to continue the franchise on the Wii, but I think it’s still enjoyable enough to stand on its’ own as a good game.

Assault technically follows continuity with Star Fox 64. But, since neither game is particularly plot-heavy, nor do they explain much if anything, you don’t really need to have seen the previous games to understand Assault.

END ME SCOOB will be joining me as the person who has never played or seen a Star Fox game.

Episode #1
Episode #2

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Well this was unexpected. I actually just finished Star Fox Assault earlier today, so this is a nice surprise for me. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

The hunt for Pigma begins in this week’s update of Star Fox: Assault.

Episode 3:
Episode 4:

Mentioning Star Wars makes me remember I was a snobby little ass who wasn’t interested in Starfox 64 because it looked like such a blatant Star Wars ripoff and I was a big fan at the time. Then I saw the game in action and loved it.

It’s good to finally see this particular game in action. I totally missed it when it came out (didn’t bother with Adventures either).

Such a weird history this franchise has… a completed but cancelled game, and an unrelated near-finished game that was retooled to be an installment that was the last Rare console title for Nintendo. Then it comes back with much fanfare last year and gets a big ol’ shrug.

Mission 4 was one of the few levels I distinctly remember playing. It’s just really straight forward, and really easy to get a huge combo. Even on gold difficulty, I remember it being really easy to get the badge.