Not your grandma's Kingdom Hearts. - Let's Play "Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey" [VLP]

Let’s Play “Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey”


A little aggressive, aren’t we? Like most licensed games, believe it or not, Enchanted Journey has some ideas worth sharing. The artistic direction and music is pleasant, and it’s also important to talk about the way the games industry and North American culture approaches designing media for young girls. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything overly offensive or deep. There’s just a few misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and sparse good ideas.

And you’re going to talk over it?

Not alone. My dear friend Powerdork will be joining me again, and we’ll tackle this adventure together. Not literally together, since the game’s co-op play is not an online feature, but spiritually together.


1. Snow White


Why is that opening cutscene so epic??

I think the music helps

Imagine being that composer, pouring your heart and soul into this cinematic epic, to be used in the opening cutscene for a silly wii minigame compilation.

at least we noticed how nice the music was, so there’s that

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