Nightmare on Reploid Street – Let’s Play the Mega Man X Series

Part 10: World-Wide Cleanup

Iiiiiiiiit’s time for cleanup. So you know how there was almost nothing left to do at this point in X4? It’s the opposite in this game. There’s something we missed in just about every stage. And that’s more or less by design. So I hope you’re ready to see every stage again.

Part 11: X vs Zero

Things have managed to go from bad to worse on planet Earth. Even with the apocalypse averted, Zero has awakened into someone far more dangerous. X heads to the point where his friend awaits, but a battle seems inevitable at this stage. Just as they’d both feared time and time again, X and Zero will have to face each other in a fight to the near-death.

Part 12: Total Dis-Sigma

We’ve successfully un-awakened Zero, so now it’s time for everyone’s favorite Maverick Hunters to charge through the end. Sigma awaits in his final viable body, having spread himself too thin with his global attack. Still, killing the Sigma Virus for good can’t be easy, because the only thing Sigma’s more desperate for than making some kind of strange philosophical point is taking down X and Zero.

You’d better hide yourself before you repair yourself.

It’s been three weeks since Mega Man X5 happened, and the world is unsurprisingly still in turmoil. But not long after Zero’s death, phantom images have haunted the world, alongside various other miscellaneous effects, a phenomenon which has been named the “Nightmare.” A man named Isoc has called to Reploids around the globe to put an end to this crisis, but the Maverick Hunters aren’t so certain his intentions are pure. Especially since the main eight investigators all seem to be linked to a mysterious Reploid named Gate, who unbeknownst to them has had a recent change of heart…

Hoo boy, welcome to Mega Man X6, a game characterized by both a surplus and lack of ambition, somehow. There are a bunch of new mechanics which, while interesting, add to the clutter bogging down the usual pace of an X stage. The same thing goes for the story, which does try to go places, but is also held back by the utter disinterest they had following up any consequences of X5’s storyline. In short, the game’s kind of a mess. But just like with X5, I’ll be making it slightly less of a mess with the Mega Man X6 Tweaks hack.

Part 1: Hi, Max

It’s been a long three years months weeks since X and Zero’s fateful final battle against Sigma. X has been fighting alone since then, and while that might not seem to bad considering the changed timeframe, but trust me. It’s been excruciating. None the less, though, his latest mission leads him to the crash site of Eurasia, where an unexpected face will make an appearance.

Part 2: Undead Sheldon

We begin investigating the investigators, and one of the first things we learn is that stages have teleporters to unknown realms. And said unknown realms have, amongst other things, an evil version of X’s dead best friend.