Night Night - It's a Livestream I suppose?

Monday thru Friday - 9PM PST, Midnight EST on Twitch.TV/jordangames

What is “Night Night”?

Night Night is my poor attempt at a late night show, recapping the day’s news, looking at the trending viral videos and photos of the day, offer-up viewpoints, answer questions and anything else that could possibly fit half an hour. Oh yeah, it’s only half an hour long.

Is this a talk show?

Not really, unless you count me talking as a talk show. However, I would love to have guests on the show and answer some questions live - rather it’s about video games or not, but I am trying to steer away from other Twitch and YouTube shows where it’s just a recording of a Google Hangout, although maybe I would work on getting something through Discord (maybe the LPZone Discord)?

What does this have to do with video games?

I mean, this is in the Off-Topic forum for a reason. While there will be some video game elements in the show, rather it’s developer news, or looking at reviews of games and fun video game videos I could find, you’re probably not gonna see me play a video game that much, this is a half-hour show, and that’s barely enough time for me to even figure out the controls to Castlevania.

Can I request stuff to talk about?

That’s exactly why I made this thread, this show is pretty much user-generated, so if you have news you want to send my way, funny stories you found, cool images or disappointing things, just send them over, buddies! This is about movies, music, sports, television, comic books, pretty much anything.

Especially Videos, I love the LPZone video thread, and we want to keep things just as fun!

Politics will also be kept at a minimum, but let’s just say this is not a show for alt-right, neo-conservatives, or those “”“rationals”"" you see on YouTube, but there is a good chance, we might wind up poking at a few hornets nests along the way, I’m not gonna stoop to their level, if I do not know something, I will tell you.

Send Me Your Fun Videos!

When is it?

It’s on, assuming I do not get sick or yucky, Monday through Friday at 9PM Pacific, Midnight Eastern, but I might end up being early or late by a few minutes, THANKS OBS!

This week is just a “test” week, where I am setting stuff up trying to figure out everything, and what’s the right footing going forward, so expect tons of technical problems, before I figure out what days have what bits.

Here is my Twitch where it all happens.
Here is my YouTube where it should be archived.

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WEEK ONE 5/15/2017-5/19/2017 TEST WEEK
MONDAY: OFF! (No Episode), have a video of backyard wrestling
TUESDAY: Emoji Movie, Sonic Forces and NO AUDIO FOR 10 MINUTES!
WEDNESDAY: Little Sheldon; Me, Myself & I, PatriotHole
THURSDAY: Rational Skeptics, Talking to Bernie Sanders
FRIDAY: Slow News Day, Pizza Monstrosities, Misleading Thumbnails

WEEK TWO 5/22/2017-5/26/2017 FULL WEEK
MONDAY: Jordan Loses His Display, Auditions for Nathan Drake
TUESDAY: Jordan Loses His Shirt, Talks Trix Goes People Watching
WEDNESDAY: Jordan Gets Political, House of Cards teasers, Learns about Xbox Game Pass
THURSDAY: Viral Videos of the Week ,TJ Miller’s Roles, and Adam Corolla creates a strawman.
FRIDAY: Overwatch Weekend, Netflix Releases, Playing Jeopardy!

WEEK THREE 5/29/2017-06/02/2017 STANDARD WEEK
MONDAY: News Quiz, Injustice DLC, Game Releases
TUESDAY: Most Misspelled Words, Apologies for Upsetting Photos, That One Farcry Petition
WEDNESDAY: The Jeopardy Test, Lego Dimensions DLC, Mr Met Flipping the Bird
THURSDAY: PRIDE MONTH, Stan is in the dictionary, Fox News vs Mr Rogers
FRIDAY: Porm-Hub, Wonder Woman Chatter, and NFL Teams sponsoring Pride Festivals!

WEEK FOUR 6/05/2017-06/09/2017 PRIDE WEEK
MONDAY: Yearbooks, Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, NewsQuiz!
TUESDAY: Auditioning for Cowboy Bebop Live Action, Battleborn is Free, Humble Bundles
WEDNESDAY: I just look at the Teen Choice Award Categories and Waste Everybody’s Time
THURSDAY: The UK Snap Election, Overwatch News, and that no good son of a bitch Bubsy
FRIDAY: Black Panther Trailer, YouTubers I haven’t heard of, Super Nintendo Land!

WEEK FIVE 6/12/17-6/17/17 E3 WEEK