Night Mode!

Hey everyone! Happy to report that Discourse recently updated to allow user-selectable themes, and our very own @Law helped whip together a brand new Night Mode theme! Everyone be sure to thank him! Here’s how to turn it on:

  1. Go to your user preferences (click your icon in the top right corner of the page and select the little gear)
  2. Go to “Interface” in the sidebar
  3. Select “Night Mode” from the “Theme” section
  4. Select “Save Changes”
  5. Enjoy!


oh hell yes! :smiley:

yay! thanks y’all!

What a sexy new look.

Are posts still an alternating shade like they are on the default theme? If they are it seems really hard to see.

Posts do not alternate in shade in night mode, no. I think it looks better without alternation. If enough people want this I can add it though!

Posts have an easily visible separator line now, so there’s no real need for alternating shades. But I do think it would probably make it look a bit better to have a lighter shade for every other post.

It also seems that the background and the posts have the exact same shade of color now.

It’s so beautiful. Thank you.

Solid black and solid white is a bit high contrast, don’t you think? When I use a site like that, I tend to get the letters on my screen sort of burned in to my eye for a second, like a less intense version of looking at a flash bulb when you get your picture taken.

It isn’t a solid black, but the text could certainly be a touch more grey. Also some of the blue buttons in the light theme are grey until you mouse over them.

@BlazeHedgehog: As @frozentreasure said, the black isn’t solid black, but I brought the text color in night mode from #fff to #e3e3e3. How’s that look for everyone?

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Oooooooh i like this a lot. thanks y’all!