Night Mode?

Holy hell it’s bright in here, could we please get a night mode when possible?


e: I agree and also grey is nice.

Yeah, the blinding white background is my only real complaint at the moment. That said it’s a minor one but it would be nice to have on the to-do list!

Or at the very least something that isn’t a bright white background.

Unfortunately Site themes and colors only work globally. However, changing the colors of the forums to something more pleasing isn’t out of the question. I’ll bring it up with the other staff members.

Even if it worked using a Chrome plug-in, like Tampermonkey, I would be so happy.
Or, you could look into however the YouTube Dark plug-in works?
Anything would be better honestly.

So @Law whipped up a spiffy new layout! Once we get some more funds we’ll really overhaul this thing, but for now this is pretty great!

Agreed about the grey, however a night mode would be really helpful for late night usage. Thanks bob!

Guess I’ll just bump this thread since I was about to post a thread asking if there was a way to change the colour scheme, but is this really what it looks like after the change? Because it’s still pretty dang bright white to the point where its really rough on the eyes.

Toggle-able night mode should roll out for Discourse some time soon. In the meantime if you’re on desktop you can find plugins on Chrome and Firefox that automatically convert any website to a night-mode color scheme.

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