Need Help

I have been wanting to get into streaming but im racking my brain trying to figure out what games to play. I know what its what i wanna play but what would be some good recommendations just to just started

There are a couple things you can try. First: try playing games you personally enjoy and have experience with. That way you can rely on your knowledge of the game to have something to talk about while you stream.

Second, check out Twitch’s most popular games and give those a shot:

Thanks bob

Agree with Bob. The most important thing is to play something you’re enthusiastic about.

One of the great thing about streams compared to LPs is that the list of games it’s “easier” to do is much, much wider, because a stream has the benefit of interaction.

For example, a video LP of an rpg can be difficult to keep interesting all the way through but a stream of an rpg is a great chill place to hang out with friends.

Im thinking about doing some blind stuff like Nier: Automata and Hollow Knight?