My Wife Sketching a Thing

Getting my wife to do some stuff on my channel… I’m basically shamelessly advertising for her… oh well.
We’d love to get some critiques on this! We’re both of the mindset of looking for ways to constantly improve, so anything you have is welcome.

This video is her creating a sketch from a quick scribble and turning it into some sort of monster. This is the first video like this we’ve done… so I don’t have the lighting quite figured out right away, apologies for that.
Teal Draws a Thing 01


Recommend she draw it humping a monster truck.

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I shall pass on the information to her. Thanks!

I really like it, looks really cool!

She put some nice weight on the lines and those textures with the pencil look very good.

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I’m not educated enough in art to say much, but what I can say is “very nice Xenomorphed T-Rex”

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