My hero's wear green skirts The Zelda mega thread



Breath of the Wild has consumed me.

I spent 12 hrs playing it yesterday.



I think my next game after BotW is Night in the Woods, but I definitely am looking forward to restarting MM3D (I stopped in 2015 due to a back sprain + college starting), and then finally play WWHD sometime this year, 2017, the Year of Sidon.


Finally beat the game.

[spoiler]Got all memories and all Shrines, but wound up only wearing the cap at the end since I think the Champion Tunic looks the best of either of the non-amiibo tunics.

Even with the Beasts’ help, Ganon kicked my ass since I rarely parried (if I ever did outside of the final fight). Somewhat of a dissappointing final boss, but the Castle. Oh wow the castle.

Brought the white horse along with me, and after ditching her to climb the eastern side of the castle (and work my way through most? of the castle), I finally got to the first gate — from the opposite side you’re “meant” to approach it from. I knew and was on the look out for Lynels the entire time I was sneaking around, but the Blue Maned Lynel jumping down was a total surprise, mostly due to seeing my horse and being like “hey, there she is!”

What made this even better was I was going to jump on and save since I was playing before classes today and my alarm to get ready went off so that fight had some urgency to it, lol.

Overall, I really loved Breath of the Wild, and minus a few small gripes (I’d give it a ~Pitchfork 9.3~), it’s probably my favorite game now? I hope the DLC or any MM/gaiden-esque sequels take place after the ending, with Zelda in tow since I think they made her a really sympathetic and multi-faceted character — and not just a “damsel in distress” (more like someone who’s been putting in work while you’ve been napping?). That, and more labyrinths.

Thanks for putting up with my long winded posts.

I don’t know what I’ll do with my life now that the thing that’ve played for a month is over…[/spoiler]



Details of what’s in the first DLC have been released.

From the description hard mode sounds… pretty disappointing. I was hoping for at least remixed dungeons for something I have to pay for. Maybe more details will be revealed later.