MS Paint Sonic Hell

What happens when a math major with very little disposable income meets a complete lack of artistic talent? You get this thread! I’m irwegwert, and I harness all of the powers of MS Paint to draw horrifying fusions of Sonic the Hedgehog and whatever else I can think of.

How bad are we talking here?

Pretty awful, honestly. Has anything good ever been drawn in MS Paint? Still, here are some examples that I am most proud(?) of:

You can see the rest of my abominations here.

Why are you subjecting people to this?

Essentially, I have a fatal flaw, besides my inability to draw well: I have no motivation to do anything. I have a lot of fun trying to make art, but I can’t get myself to actually sit down and doodle. Plus, I don’t really have any inspiration.

That’s where you come in: If there’s something that you personally would like to see drawn poorly as Sonic the Hedgehog, then today is your lucky day! Feel free to just yell at suggestions at me, and I’ll do my best to get it done. After all, nothing is better motivation than the feeling of disappointing someone! Due to the “”“quality”"" of my art, I’m doing this for free. Besides, I’m sure this thread will be buried once actual artists show up, so who cares?

Can I post my Sonics too?

I literally can do nothing to stop you. Also, please do. The more Sonic in the world, the more miserable everyone is! Plus, there’s no way to draw a wrong Sonic.

Why have you tainted these good forums with Sonic?

No comment.


HELL YES it’s like you’re reaching into my soul with this shit, i am a huge proponent for badly drawn ms paint sonics. thank you for this. here’s one of my bad sonics to share with you.


A giant Sonic katamari being rolled around by a smaller sonic dressed as the Prince of All Cosmos. That is my request.

You are too kind to me. Truly, you are the one who is Way Past Cool™.

Also, that is a very good bad Sonic.

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Sonic as a digimon, so unnecessary metal armor and guns everywhere.

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I apologize for not specifically following your request, but inspiration struck me. Please forgive me.


Please fulfill a lifelong wish by drawing Sonic as my boyfriend.


I would like to see a cactus hedgehog.

I made this terrible thing in a discussion about Sonic on an old forum that died, fits here I think.



But back on topic, this stuff looks pretty great! I never had much drawing mouse dexterity (which is why I bought a drawing tablet like a dumbo), so seeing someone dedicate their time to drawing in Paint makes me a little bit envious.

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I’ve never played Digimon, so I just looked at a bunch and did my best. Something happened with his feet, though… Hope I didn’t disappoint.


Perfect. Thank you.

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I have elected to draw you as Sonic’s canonical love interest and fan favorite character, Princess Elise. No need to thank me.


oh my god it’s perfect???

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Thanks! You have no idea how much that means to me, especially coming from an actual artist.

I have a deep seated need to see Sonic shred on a skateboard. Maybe a kickflip over Robotnik??

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“bad” Sonic art gives me life.
Here’s one I drew on my phone


Unfortunately I grew up doodling Sonic in school AND I learned how to draw with a mouse because I’m an indie dev so if you’re asking me to draw something bad this is the kind of stuff you get


This is a true shame indeed


That’s a great looking Sonic I love him