More Waifu Than Man - Let's Play Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Hi there friends! I’m homphgomph (Joe), my sister ginko (Katie) along with my good buddy zelgadisA027123 (Jesse) will be playing through the main campaign of Call of Duty Black Ops III

Why Call of Duty? Why Black Ops 3 of all games?
Valid question and honestly, this let’s play was conceptualized so long ago that I’m not really sure the reasoning for Black Ops 3 outside of, hey it’s fun to play through co-op shooting games together, I have fun editing the footage, the cut scenes are kind of bonkers, and some other things…

Is there anything else different about this playthrough?
Yes. I’m going to spoiler it because I think it’s a really dumb fun surprise for now. we will be using this mod and I have edited an anime style intro/ending, after episode 1 there will be a intro/ending cut and a version without in case you don’t want to see it every update. other than that it’s just a co-op playthrough with multiple angles for extra action

There’s a whole Zombie thing in this too, will you be playing that?
We’ll be trying out some of that and some of the…interesting Steam Workshop maps out there as well. Not going to commit to a whole playthrough of every map but if it’s fun we’ll keep at it.

One other thing to note-
:siren:This is a chill fun and/or silly playthrough, we will talk over cutscenes typically:siren:

When will you be posting updates?
Updates will go live Mondays! I try to keep it around noon central.

Also hey, sort of unrelated but if you like our chill vibes - We also stream 3 nights a week

Episode 1 - More Waifu Than Man

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