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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is a action-adventure platformer developed by Bombservice, and published and released on March 4, 2016 by Playism. This game is available on Steam and on Playism. (DRM-free and also comes with a Steam key.)

The Story

Most of this was lifted directly out of the game’s manual, so if you’d rather read all of this there then here’s a link. (Be warned there is some minor spoiler stuff in there. This will also bring up a print prompt for some reason. Just cancel it and you should be fine.)

The LP

This will be an informative LP with most of the playthrough being done in hard mode, and for the beginning tutorial and the first run of bosses being done in normal mode. I will try to cover 100% of game or at least as close as I can. Character profiles will be added to this post as we meet them in-game; and new items and their descriptions will be added at the bottom of each update post.


Update #1: Sacred Ordalia Grove

In this update, we will be traversing an imp-infested forest in the Sacred Ordalia Grove.


Maple Leaf
A sacred leaf harvested from the Lun Tree. These leaves, blessed by the Matriarch, are indestructible. Sharp enough to purify enemies, it is the main weapon of western priestesses.

Ivory Bug
A tiny, harmless insect. This creature feeds on the body of diseased life forms, removing their sicknesses.

Active Effect: Restores a small amount of HP per use.
Sour flower with restorative powers.

Astral Charm
Passive Effect: Sometimes enemies will drop twice as much munny.
An old, worn-out charm. Radically increases your luck.

Edea’s Pearl
Passive Effect: Grants poison properties to your arrows.
Edea was a sinner who betrayed her own people. For such acts, she was purged, and her body sent to a sacred grove, far from home.

Adorned Ring
Passive Effect: Increases invincibility frames and defense. (This item is obtained at the start of Easy Mode.)
Manually sculpted from minerals found in the depths of the Green River. The piece comes from a middle-western empire, evident by its engraving.

Medal of Equivalence
Passive Effect: Slowly restores HP. (This item is obtained at the start of Easy Mode.)
Medal from the province of Crominia. Carried by messengers mounted on deers, dedicated to a life of long travels.

Update #2: Karst City

Today we wonder the streets of Karst City. Also a patch got pushed out that fixes an item in the video; and making it less overpowered.


Crystal Seed
Active Effect: Temporarily increases attack by 50%.
Soft seed made of crystal. Quite difficult to grow into an adult tree, due to its delicacy.

Faerie Tear
Passive Effect: Raises user’s resistance to status ailments.
Solidified state of a fairy’s tear. Lightly enchanted, it scintillates subtly.

Bakman Patch
Active Effect: Summons several Bak blocks.
An absolutely tasteless object. Belonged to Moka, the demon servant of the undead witch Lubella.

Magnet Stone
Passive Effect: Attracts munny stars.
A peculiar rock, rarely found on the surface.

Update #3: Forlorn Monastery

We find shelter in the Forlorn Monastery home of the Esselin Convent.


Monastery Key
Opens the doors of the upper floor of the Esselin Convent.
The Convent and its annexes have been abandoned once they fell to the Queen’s uncontrollable dark sorcery.

Crest Fragment (Forlorn Monastery)
Key Item. Grants a new bow charge level.
Fraction of an emblem representing the current Karstian regime.
Four parts are needed to access the areas leading to the castle’s gates.

Tainted Missive
Active Effect: Temporarily increases attacks by 100%, at the cost of HP.
The followers of Esselin preach forgiveness, but their thoughts are spiteful and filled with hatred.

Update #4: Cinder Chambers

What a weird place to store your incense.


Crest Fragment (Cinder Chambers)
Key Item. Allows mid-air dodging.
Fraction of an emblem representing the current Karstian regime.
Four parts are needed to access the areas leading to the castle’s gates.

Cinder Key
Key Item.
Used to lock the doors of the Cinder Chambers, an annex of Esselin Convent.
The chambers, once a storage for censers, were partially burned and locked to prevent further casualties.

Red Ring
Passive Effect: Restores a small amount of HP per kill, but enemies won’t drop munny.
Ring made of blood, possessing the ability to drain the remnants of fallen enemies.

Ring of Candor
Passive Effect: Emits a sound when near secrecy.
A ring often sought for its aesthetic value.
Few know of its secret uses.

Impurity Flask
Passive Effect: Restores HP whenever user is poisoned.
Dreadful liquid produced by Toar, the slumbering doctor.
Its aroma, although deadly, has charmed many unfortunate souls.

Drilling Arrows
Passive Effect: Arrows pierce through enemies.
Special type of arrow used by the Archery of Karst.

Pocket Incensory
Passive Effect: Adds flame damage to your attacks.
Enchanted container filled with charcoal and incense.

Update #5: Subterranean Grave

Today we bust an old friend out of jail.


Crest Fragment (Subterranean Grave)
Key Item. Increases arrow charging speed.
Fraction of an emblem representing the current Karstian regime.
Four parts are needed to access the areas leading to the castle’s gates.

Garden Key
Key Item.
A key covered in moss.
It contains an inscription in Karstian script, although barely readable.

Clarity Shard
Active Effect: Increases visibility in dark areas.
According to Karstian customs, these are placed on tombstones as offerings to the dead. It’s believed that their lights guide those onto the afterlife.

Necklace of Sacrifice
Passive Effect: Increases attack by 100% when in low health.
Very small necklace.
Those who wear it will find strength in its strange blessing, hoping to retrieve that which was lost.

Sparse Thread
Active Effect: Casts a powerful burst of energy.
Frida. deemed worthless, was thrown to the tombs underneath the capital. It’s hardly possible to tell if it ever took the form of a human, or of something else…

Update #6: Whiteleaf Memorial Park

On this touching episode of Momodora RUtM, Kaho bites off more than she can chew and a new hero is called into the line of duty. Also I messed up pronouncing Torn Branch by calling it Thorn Branch.


Dull Pearl
Passive Effect: Grants poison properties to your arrows.
A pearl made to look like the rare jewel of a demon.

Torn Branch
Passive Effect: Restores a small amount of HP per kill.
The Whiteleaf Park, affected by the Queen’s sorcery, was displaced towards the bottom of the city.
It was infested by underworld spirits and demons, such as the immortal witch Lubella.

Cat Sphere
Active Effect: Alternates between cat and human forms.
Object of unknown sorcery.
Looks like an ordinary glass ball.

[quote=tiistai posted]
That little hidden weirdo is a himehorn, a reference to a race of characters created by Dan Kim

Himehorn performs the nohorn dance.

— Dan Kim (@CloneManga) February 1, 2015

The comic:

There’s nothing you can do with her except bully her by smacking her around[/quote]

Update #7: Frore Ciele

It’s backtracking time! We’ve got a lot of side content to get through including bug hunting, health fragment getting, trade quests, and an optional boss. Also we meet Eri proper. The manual has nothing on her even though she is more of a reoccurring character than some of the others, but what can you do? All I know is that’s she’s a native Karstian, and is royalty.


Soft Tissue
Active Effect: Creates an artificial healing zone.
Enchanted fabric used by Esselin nuns in their liturgies.

Bloodstained Tissue
Active Effect: Casts offensive sorcery.
Fabric drenched in the ‘holy’ blood of Archpriestess Choir.
Fearing the power of the Crown, she clinged to the Queen’s side and worshipped her as a goddess. Unlike her older sister, Fennel remained loyal to her faith and resisted the Queen.

Dirty Shroom
Key Item.
It’s leaking some slimy white substance…
imp girls are fond of it.

Crest Fragment (Frore Ciele)
Key Item. Allows warping when praying.
Fraction of an emblem representing the current Karstian regime.
Four parts are needed to access the areas leading to the castle’s gates.

Rotten Bellflower
Active Effect: Inflicts poison on the user.
A favorite of the previous King of Karst.
His baptismal name is kept in absolute secrecy, to avoid misfortune.

Hazel Badge
Key Item.
A trinket, as useless as it may be, can still hold a place in our heart.
This shiny little badge in particular seems to depict an owl.

Blessing Charm
Active Effect: Casts protective light sorcery.
A protective tool given to infants of the Karstian royal bloodline.

Update #8: Royal Pinacotheca

We are closing in on the Queen, but first we have to navigate her maze of paintings and other fancy stuff!


Violet Sprite
Active Effect: Casts protective dark sorcery.
Unknown substance leaked out of emptiness.
The citizens of Karst, upon being cursed, entered a transitional state, neither truly alive nor truly dead.

Quick Arrows
Passive Effect: Drastically increases speed of arrows.
Special type of arrow used by the Archery of Karst.

Black Sachet
Passive Effect: Heavily increases attack power, at the risk of losing HP.
Sachet applicable to one’s chest.
Its scent might induce sudden frenzy.

Sealed Wind
Active Effect: Casts wind sorcery.
A wooden box used for storing divine spells.
Holds strong wind.

Heavy Arrows
Passive Effect: Increases power of arrows.
Weapon of Magnolia, captain of the Archery of Karst.
Raised in the woods, she joined Karst’s order of knights and partnered with the loyal Lupiar.

Update #9: Karst Castle

That’s all she wrote! Thanks for watching!!

In case Youtube doesn’t like my choice in soundtrack. The B-Cut.


Active Effect: Fully restores the user’s HP.
A rare flower, harvested from the dried Whiteleaf Park.

Fresh Spring Leaf
Key Item.
Sacred green leaf possessing stronger repelling powers than those found in more common Maple Leaves.

Small Coin
Key Item.
Simple gift of subjective significance.

Key Item.
A personal belonging of the Queen of Karst.
Corrupted by great greed, the Queen became insane and attempted to mend the world of the living and the world of the dead.


Kaho Reinol
Age: 21(F)
Birthday: January 11th
Origin: Lun Village

Kaho is a priestess from Lun, a small, secluded village. She is a dutiful girl, strongly following the religious teachings from her homeland.

Once her village got attacked by spirits of the underworld, she was tasked with the mission of finding the source of the curse and sealing it away. For this, she travels eastward, where the curse is supposedly coming from.

Her arrival at the Kingdom of Karst is particularly shocking: not only the citizens have lost all the faith of their gods, they have succumbed to ghastly forms, causing harm to others.

Askorn Muskell
Age: 132(M)
Birthday: December 31th
Origin: Karst City

A sentient spirit, who crossed the border of the world of the dead and arrived at Karst City. He constantly reminisces about the days when he was alive, when the kingdom was in a much different state.

Lubella Dim
Age: Unknown(F)
Birthday: October 13th
Origin: Unknown

Lubella is an undead being that leeches off living things to sustain her own life force. Living in a small settlement at the countryside of Karst, Lubella was born from no family, and forced to do evil deeds to keep surviving. She slowly developed into a person who takes pleasure in mischief.

After death, she assumed an immortal state with an ever-growing lust for power. Her current goal is to usurp the noble throne of Karst. Lubella is fond of recruiting lesser servants, who are tasked to find great sources of life force. These servants usually don’t live long, as they are either killed by Lubella, or killed by her preys.

Age: 18(F)
Birthday: June 20th
Origin: Karst City

A young knightess in service of the Queen. She roams the streets of Karst City, looking to help those who fall prey to wandering spirits.

Elisa Cotillard
Age: Unknown(F)
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: Unknown

A mysterious woman surrounded by dozens of cats.

Although of no faith, she dwells inside the Convent of Esselin.

It seems she is at least a century old, considering she’s well informed on the detailed history of past rulers.

Age: 21(F)
Birthday: September 28th
Origin: Karst

Pardoner of the abandoned Convent of Esselin. For a woman of faith, she has a heart filled with spite and hatred, and is particularly resentful of the Queen of Karst, who influenced the population to abandon the Convent’s liturgies.

Fennel is very impulsive and sensitive. Since the spread of the curse, she’s been suspicious of everyone who steps into the Monastery.


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