Max and Chachi Do Game Stuff

Hi, I’m Max, @Chachi_LP is Chachi, and we’re your stereotypical husband/wife gaming duo: he’s good, I’m a scrub. He pulls us out of the deep end, I die a lot. He’s basically Waluigi, I have anger issues towards Princess Peach. All in all, we’re a pretty good team. A couple times a week, we stream games at I do a mix of chill Steam games and classic games I haven’t played before. Chachi will be doing things he’s got a bit more experience with. Co-op could go either way and range from Castle Crashers to Saint’s Row. The important thing is that everyone has fun, because we’re cliche like that.

Mon@7: Co-Op - Kirby Super Star
Wed@7: Max plays - Only the polls know
Thurs@7: Chachi plays - Ni-Oh

I need a new game to play on Wednesdays, and since I just finished A Link to the Past, I feel like something newer. Maybe something with cats. Or something with hats! Which should I do?

  • Cat! (Cat Quest)
  • Hat! (A Hat in Time)

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