Mario Odyssey Picture Contest! *SPOILERS*



The picture tool is such a great part of Mario Odyssey. I want to see what everyone comes up with!

"But are you really making a contest out of this?"

All you have to do is make a post in this thread with a picture and nothing else.

  1. The picture cannot be edited by any software other than what’s available on the Switch. You may add text to the picture from the Switch album feature.
  2. You may post responses and questions in the thread, but your image must be alone.
  3. There are no limits on what you can post, the thread has a spoiler warning in the title, so everything is fair game. If you some how do something edgy or offensive (I don’t honestly know how you could) then people will just not vote for you.
  4. DO NOT STEAL OTHERS’ PICTURES (obviously), The picture must be taken by yourself, or you can post on other’s behalf if you have permission.
  5. You can post up to three images, but they all must be in their own post.

Vote for your favorite image by liking the post, the images with the 3 highest amount of likes will be put in a poll. There we will decide the winner!

Everyone can participate, even if you don’t have Mario Odyssey, you can vote by giving your favorite image a “Like”.
I will be posting my first submission and example down below.
Good Luck!






I love the filters.

e: Whoops: didn’t notice the image limit. Reading comprehension! :ocelot:


My like is for the goombas.