Mario Is Dead! Let's Play Super Luigi Galaxy

Space. The Final Frontier. Where no one can hear you WAHOO

Wait, this image is wrong. Mario is dead. Uhhh…

Super LUIGI Galaxy, the secret 2nd half of the Galaxy 1 coin, available after 100%ing the game as Mario. Its the same game…ish, but with Luigi’s butter physics, higher jump, and a few uh, Interesting things that come from having Luigi running around instead of Mario. Hijinks ensue.

This will be a 100% LP of the game on the 3D-Allstars rerelease of the 2007 Wii classic, almost purely as Luigi, acquiring every star plausible in the game. Updates will be three times a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday. Hope to see y’all in our journey across the Universe.

Speaking of which, Episode 1 dropped today! Lets get a move on, we got a Universe to save!

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A lovely first episode! The concept is funny, and your commentary works for the game. I can tell you’re emulating the style of Let’s Players you admire, but that’s a good thing in this case. I agree that the Comet Observatory is an amazing hub-world. :slight_smile:

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With Mario out of the picture, Mr. Green Man sets off for Good Egg Galaxy!

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How do you feel about…BEES?

Man. Thats a big robot. Would be a shame if we destroyed it

With that robot wrecked, we move on to more important matters. TO THE FOUNTAIN!

Oops, we unleashed the Prankster Comets. Uhhh…Lets play some Golf to take our minds off of it

We break into Battlerock Galaxy, but not without a little help

We finally get the chance to fight the big man himself. Bowser has arrived.

Welp, Bowser got away, but that’s alright, its time for a trip to Beach Bowl!

Our deep diving in the Kitchen is put on hold by a certain Cosmic anomaly

Time for the Waltz of the Boos as we explore one of my favorites, Ghostly Galaxy

Things are heating up in the Kitchen as we storm Jr.'s Airship Fleet and tussle with Bouldergeist

The time has come, the time we tackle some fan favorite galaxies, Gusty Garden, and Freezeflame

We adventure onward as the winds pick up just in time for us to explore the sands of Dusty Dune

We walk a mile in the Ice Climbers shoes and scale Mt. Freezeflame

Ever been ice skating? ON LAVA? Luigi has.

Its time to take the fight to Bowser in the Bedroom! …Wait

Remember Bouldergeist? He’s back. In Daredevil form

Its time. For Toys. I mean, Toy Time. I mean, time for Toy Time.