make pixel art you fools, post pixel art you fools




pixel art. dying artform? possibly. indie dev aesthetic crutch? debatable. fascinating look into the past’s limitations? yep. fun to make your own? definitely!

How do I make pixel art?
Use whatever program you’re comfortable with. anything with a 1 pixel brush will do. MS Paint, photoshop, GIMP, et cetera. some people still make pixel art on their commodore 64s. Start small! Try making a circle, or some fruit, or a gift wrapped box.

Specialized programs
GraphicsGale is freeware as of mid last year.
Aseprite is $15 but has a free trial that doesn’t let you save stuff (but you can, like, screenshot it and paste it into photoshop. really if you like it please buy it, it’s what I use, great program)
Piskel is a free online editor for pixel art, no downloadin’ needed

You can also post pixel art that isn’t yours, but as pixel art has a chronic problem with people Not sourcing it, I would please request that you provide a source, preferably in the form of a link back to the creator.

this doesn’t matter if you’re just posting something from a video game you like (e.g. showing off some choice fighting game backgrounds), but please indicate it’s from a game and preferably which game it’s from.

But you should definitely be encouraged to make your own pixel art and post it, no matter how bad you think it is!! and feel free to ask for sick tips in this thread!

anyways here’s some of my pixel art to start us off. I have been doing it for like a decade because i guess this is my life now.


Oh hey! Pixel art rules. I need to get back into it, I’ve kinda fallen off the wagon in favor of working on my traditional drawing skills.
Some older stuff I’ve made. Plus a birb I made like yesterday.

how do i draw gun


that is such a great bounce on that pumpkin.I tried to do something similar a while ago but I didn’t understand squash and stretch needed.





ah i lov agonizing over individual pixels for like a half hour


I’ll drag this dead thread out of the depths by myself if I have to!


Another month has passed. Still no posts on the horizon.


:yaybob: (me kickin monthly pixels into this thread)


Hey, I can actually share something here since I finished my first piece of pixel art tonight! I made tiny glasses and they’re really adorable.


I restricted myself to a canvas of 18x18 pixels, which made this pretty damn challenging. A lot of fun though!


It’s kind of old, but I made some random things months ago. It was originally a daily sprite-art challenge a friend came up with, but depression said “no.”
I’ve debated starting over, as I actually had way too much fun making these. Just need some topics to keep myself on point…


They look kinda like JRPG icons.


I’ve debated getting into rpg making, actually. Unfortunately I can never make it past the thinking stage. I love items the most out of the art process


I made more things! They’re supposed to be emotes, thus the 28x28 canvas. I’m still learning the basics but I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable with anti-aliasing and actually using it.

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