MAGFest? MAGFest.


Hey, I’m going to MAGFest this year, like usual, and I’d love to hang out with any Zoner who is also going. Maybe play a one-shot Dungeon World game and eat some Nandos? Once MAGFest releases their Guidebook anyone up for tentatively planning a mini-meet?

I can’t promise it’ll be fun because I’m really awkward (but completely harmless.) But it’ll be a thing.


I’m not going to that but I’m going to AGDQ whch is in the area and immediately starts as soon as magfest ends


Near Dulles right? Lemme find some food in that area around that time. We can eat in silence.

Ha ha I’m so funny.


I might not be able to get up to AGDQ @Micolithe, because life is suffering. But, AGAIN, if any Zoners are at MAGFest don’t be afraid to meet up with me. I’m terminally awkward but completely harmless.


Here’s the panel I was on at MAGFest if anyone is interested in seeing that.