LPZ Discord server?

I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t a Discord server for the LPZ. Having a forum to have a medium for more permanence is great and all, but I would think that sociability and communal closeness would be easier attained if we have a text and voice chat medium. We could probably even have voice channels that limit up to 4 but could allow for spur of the moment co-commentary for streams or races or something.

Personally I’m not too big on forums, not that there’s anything wrong with them, I just don’t really post much which deters my provision of feedback and I imagine others share this notion as well.

I’d even be willing to get it started, but I’d want permission to do so first.

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I guess one worry could be that there would be even less traffic on the site if there was a discord? I don’t really know, this isn’t my area of expertise.

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It’s something we’re working on at the moment. A Discord would most likely mean bringing in a new mod to oversee it so we’re sort of waiting and seeing who would be a good choice for it.


Thank you for that clarification.