LP Zone Discord Server

I’m assuming a lot of people who game, stream or LP have moved to Discord. I was wondering whether we could get an official LP Zone Discord server down the line? It’s not meant to replace any discussion on the forums, but mostly to help people get together to do some gaming or if they need people to record larger games (like 6v6 Overwatch and such).

Of course, that’s another venue to moderate so if the staff doesn’t have time right now, it’s better to focus on the forums.

As someone who has been a long time Discord shill I’m in favor of having a Discord Server. It’s generally a neat hangout. But some people are comically averse to trying it I found. Though, that’s subsided a bit. The “Discord is a fad” crowd seems to have quieted down a bit too.

Would love to. I was one of those comically averse people until I joined up with AwfulHunters and never looked back.

I like Discord because it’s a non-depressing IRC. I’d join a LP Zone Discord.

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I’d be open for a discord. I’ll add it to the list of suggestions.

I think if we’re trying to use this forum as a way to splinter away from SA, we should consider having a bunch of channels in the discord server for various games. Because, like, currently I still have to go into the goon GTA or Monster Hunter discords if I wanna play those with competent people, haha.

On the other hand, maybe we don’t need that, because those spaces are already partly divorced from the forums? Basically the people in the games discords I frequent are pretty chill.