LP Update Rate: As you go vs. backlog

Hey guys! I have a question.

I’ve just started work on a Deadly Premonition DC LP and I think I may have a 45 min video that covers the Opening and Prologue chapter of the game done by this weekend.

Do you guys prefer updates as a LPer goes or is it better when they hold off uploading anything until they have a significant backlog before starting a LP thread?

I’m thinking it may be better for me to upload as I go since this will be an informative LP and it will provide me the opportunity to answer any questions or comments in any new updates I make. I just worry a bit that I won’t be able to upload super frequently and would hate to keep people hanging.

The only reason I’m posting my backlog one video each week is because that’s how I happened to update before amassing a backlog. Generally, there’s technically no reason to update a specific amount of times in a week/month or even at specific days and times. If you, conversely, have too many videos at once it would serve well to spread them out (I hate uploading 20 videos at once, so I just spread my stream VODs out over a few weeks). But even here there’s no need to do so aside from personal preference. For an LP thread not having too much content at once is definitely beneficial, though, as a little time between updates just allows for possible discussion.

Basically, at least according to me, if you can easily maintain a schedule go for it. If not just do it as you go along. But avoid dumping a shitton of videos at the same time.

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Do what’s best for you.

I myself prefer doing updates as I go, as I hate sticking to a schedule and thus making updating an obligation, but others favor that. Of course, if you’re doing a LP with participation, you’ll pretty much need to do per update.

If you’re just starting LPing, it’s a good idea to build a backlog first so you have an idea how much work you’ll need to do (though if you want feedback, definitely get it with the first update before building that backlog so you don’t have to go back and fix it later).

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For me personally, I tend to go with the posting as I finish them. I’ve tried numerous times to have a backlog, but by the time I sit down to work the next update I usually go, “Man, I don’t like how this footage flows at all” and then I throw out that footage and reshoot it. Like my Momodora 4 LP is just a mashup of 5 different playthoughs because I kept throwing out footage which made updates less and less frequent. But if you don’t care about that kind of stuff, I say having even a tiny backlog can help you out in the long-run.

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It’s become so hard to organize commentary with my LP friend group I tend to record precommentary footage of the whole game before I even begin, and then when the stars align and we all have a day off at once, I try and have us do as many as we can. But there’s no sense in keeping a backlog for my situation. Hence why nearly every LP I’ve ever done has taken a year or more.

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It’s a tradeoff, really. Record too far in advance and you lose the ability to react to feedback - by the time someone says something in the thread that you want to integrate into the LP, you’ll be several episodes ahead. But it’s easier to maintain a schedule if the only work you have to do within the time period is publish the video and make the post. On the other hand, if you post updates as you make them, you’ll be able to react to feedback right away, but you’ll have to do the full job of making the update each time, making your LP prone to delays. You might take the approach of getting far enough ahead that you’ll be able to release on your desired schedule, recording future updates as you go, so you’re recording the last one just in time to post it. I can’t plan that far ahead and just tend to record in batches, do commentary when I can, and post when the time feels right.

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I like to start off with backlogs when doing video LPs. I have four weeks worth of videos in a hopper for the Diablo thread I started this week, for instance. It’s a lot easier for me to go to my youtube video manager and get a URL than it is to spend a few hours editing footage and then tracking down someone to commentate and then doing painstaking audio editing.

With screenshot LPs I’m actually the opposite. I tend to make them as I go, but I’ve also learned the very hard lesson with those of “keep updates short.” If you only spend an hour and a half on and update, it’s a lot easier to do them multiple times per week than it is spending 6-8 hours a few times a week on a monolithic update.

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Thanks for all the responses guys :slight_smile: I think I’ll post as a go since I’m pretty excited about the project and I’m eager for the feedback. I hope I can get a thread going in the next 2 weeks :smiley: