Like Ratatouille but Fucked Up - Let's Play Warhammer: Vermintide 2

[Content Warnings: Blood, Gore, Rats, Filth, Warhammer]
“In the End Times of the Warhammer world, you will be challenged like never before as you and your team of Heroes face untold enemy hordes in a desperate struggle to save the Empire from devastation. Choose a career for your Hero, climb the talent tree, pick from a vast range of unique weapons and gear, and hack through the ranks of the monstrous invaders.” - From the Vermintide 2 Website

The Game
Developed by Fatshark(Developers of the first Vermintide) and with help from Games Workshop(The owners of the Warhammer series), Warhammer: Vermintide 2 released on March 8th of 2018. It is the much awaited sequel to the original Vermintide and follows in its footsteps, adding more to the game such as new enemy types, sub-classes, sub-bosses, bosses, 13 new levels, and much more. This is mainly a co op game with a heavy focus on teamwork, whether you’re fighting alongside the games AI or fellow players. Each character excels at something different, with different abilities, weapons, and talents. As of now on steam the game is 30 dollars.

The Story
In the world of Warhammer fantasy there is something known as the End Times. While normally a bleak world, this time in particular is when the end of the world comes about. Heroes of all creeds, species, and backgrounds have risen up together to fight back the unending tide of Skaven that have come to claim the Empire. One might even call them, a, Rodentwave. A Rattsunami? Oh that’s right, a VERMINTIDE! During the early days of the assault on the Empire by our scurrying foes, five heroes banded together. These heroes fought back in the land of Ubersreik against the nasty Grey Seer Rasknitt, leader of the Skaven invaders of Clan Fester. After it was believed they had killed him, they were captured only to discover he survived. He has constructed the Skittergate,

Now the Skaven have teamed up with the Chaos Servants of Nurgle, known as the Rotblood, who are led by Bödvarr Ribspreader. With our heroes captured doom looks like it will be the only outcome. But just in time they are rescued with the aid of the Witch Olesya Pimenova, they are brought to Taal’s Horn Keep where Franz Lohner awaits. It is time to begin a new war, a new fight against the Skaven and their allies to try and bring an end to the End Times and save the world from the forces of Chaos.

The LP
This LP is going to be a mix of single commentary, co-commentary, and screenshots. Who will be joining me is a mystery as of yet, what I do know however is we will be seeing all the sub-classes in action, we will get to witness each map, boss battle, and I will do my best to be a mixture of informative and entertaining. I will be playing on medium graphics capped at 30 FPS, if you are looking for the prettiest Vermintide 2 LP I’m afraid I can’t provide that. But hopefully this will be a fun and new experience for everyone involved and everyone watching.


Update List

Update 1 - Episode 1 - Prologue

Update 2 - Taal’s Keep

Update 3 - Supplemental 1 - Getting Through Armor

Update 4 - Episode 2 - Righteous Stand

Update 5 - Episode 3 - Convocation of Decay

World Information

Bardin Goreksson(The Dwarven Ranger)

A Dwarf who is on a search for his lost Hold. Bardin is a wry fellow with a grudge to bear down upon his foes.

Ranger Veteran
As a Ranger Veteran Bardin is skilled in both ranged and melee combat. With an axe at his side and a crossbow in hand he’s able to snipe and hold his own up close. This class’s special ability is to throw down a smoke bomb concealing them from enemies for a time.

When fighting as an Ironbreaker Bardin becomes the tunnel fighter Dwarves are so well known for being. His will is as hard as his armor and he can stand as a bulwark against the coming darkness. The main ability of the Ironbreaker is to taunt nearby enemies while making themself tankier.

Lacking in ranged options, Slayers are wild and raging Dwarves who wield multiple weapons in battle. They forgo armor and Bardin is no different when fighting as a Slayer. Each hopes to die in glorious combat. The Slayer sub-class can leap great distances during which it will increase Bardin’s attack speed allowing for a brutal offense.

Kerillian(Wood Elf Waywatcher)

The quick-witted Wood Elf, Kerillian has returned from the wilds to face the scourge that is evil.

The Waystalker is a powerful archer, these beings are known for their incredible accuracy at even extreme range. When fighting as a Waystalker Kerillian is able to loose bursts of arrows that seek out targets killing them easily.

When fighting as a Handmaiden Kerillian is able to dance between targets, dealing with all who dare to challenge her. Nimble as the wind or a coursing river, she is able to do a charge that causes enemies to bleed.

Giving into the darker nature of the Dark Elves, she can become a Shade. The Shade can turn invisible and sneak around, allowing her to backstab enemies for incredible damage.

Markus Kruber(Soldier)

A former soldier of the Empire Markus Kruber was recruited by Victor to join the merry band seeking to stand against the Vermintide.

Rather quickly Markus adjust to being a Mercenary, working in battle to serve a greater good and fight alongside allies to save the world. As a Mercenary Kruber is able to unleash a powerful shout that pushes away enemies and gives temporary health to himself and his allies.

A Huntsman does as a Huntsman does, living off the land. Kruber is able to fight as one, reducing melee efficiency in exchange for incredible ranged proficiency. In this form Kruber is able to stalk foes and ambush them as well as regain ammunition from killing enemies.

Foot Knight
Coated in plate armor and wielding his might like a mace, Kruber can serve as a Foot Knight. He vastly increases his defensive traits while also gaining the ability to charge down enemies with ease. Those fighting beside Kruber can feel his aura of protection.

Sienna Fuegonasus(Bright Wizard)

A Bright Wizard of the Bright College, Sienna wields flame and fire in her hands and weaves it upon the battlefield into her enemies. She must be careful, as casting spells builds up heat which if it goes without being vented she can explode.

Battle Wizard
With reservation as a Battle Wizard Sienna enters the field reserving herself. She resists temptation and vents her heat more often and more easily. When called for she can teleport to a location and ignite everything in the way on fire.

A one person destroyer of single targets, Sienna gives in more to the flame while still holding something back. She crits more easily in this form and the Pyromancer can dish out powerful target seeking flames.

Fire, fire fire, fire! Fire? Fire, Walk With Me. The Unchained is Sienna at her greatest, she becomes a living flame that tears through the battlefield. Half of the damage she takes turns into heat and she can explode at will killing everything around her.

Victor Saltzpyre(Witch Hunter)

A servant of the church of Sigmar, Saltzpyre has worked long with the Witch and Franz. Working as a Witch Hunter, he has chased down and killed evil wherever it could be found. Continuing to fight for his beloved Empire, Saltzpyre joins with his friends in their battle against the Vermintide.

Witch Hunter Captain
Improving upon his role, as the Witch Hunter Captain he is able to increase the damage he and his allies do to tagged enemies. Victor may shout knocking back enemies around him and increasing everyone’s chance to get critical hits.

Bounty Hunter
A Bounty Hunter cares less for king and country and more about cold hard gold. As a Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre is able to get critical headshots more easily and becomes a greater ranged threat. When the need arises he can fire a powerful shot that can take down even hardy figures.

Oh Holy Sigmar, Bless This Ravaged Body! Saltzpyre’s zeal is not rivaled easily. Zealots are able to beat down enemies at close range and trade off some long distance versatility. For every quarter of a health missing, the Zealot deals more damage. If he gives into his fanaticism he can charge forwards and increase his attack speed.



The weakest of Skaven. They are mere slaves that wield small weapons. It is very easy to kill them, even in swarms they are not too dangerous and are best cleaved through.


The common Skaven, these are the front-line of the Skaven forces alongside Skavenslaves. A little bit sturdier than Skavenslaves, these warriors are still quite weak and rely heavily on numbers.


Known as Black Rats, the Stormvermin are the warrior elite of the Skaven. Armored with well crafted weapons, they are a serious threat. A few Stormvermin can easily overrun a band of adventurers. Their weak spot is their head and especially their face.


Known also as hook rats, these rats carry, you guessed it, big hooks. They use these to grab people and then drag them away. They can pull heroes back through mobs of Skaven and Chaos, go around corners to break line of sight, and when they get far enough they impale the hero on a pole.

Warpfire Thrower

Warpfire Throwers are area denial style enemies. These special Skaven can push with their fire and are dangerous mostly at close range. They need to close the distance to hit heroes and if they are killed by shooting their fire tank they’ll explode and leave fire on the ground.


Skaven are fond of poison, they use it often in their weaponry and none show this off quite like Globadiers. They throw poisonous gas bombs that are area denial and can force heroes to move from one spot to another. This may cause them to give up a favorable position for a dangerous one. When killed they explode in a poisonous cloud. Also known as Gas Rats.

Plague Monk

Donned in green robes, Plague Monks are berserking Skaven that dual wield weapons. At close range they’re extremely dangerous and do flurries that can hit many times or break through guard. It is best to push them then go for the kill.

Ratling Gunner

Yes its a pun, I’m not even the one responsible. These rats carry large Ratling guns on their backs with a lot of ammo. They lay down suppressing fire and can assault the party at long range. Only shields can block their bullets. Their bullets push hard and are able to knock heroes off of areas to their deaths.

Gutter Runner

Yes-yes, stab-stab. The Gutter Runner is a sneaky stabby jerk. They like to stalk heroes and at opportune moments jump onto them. When pinned by a Gutter Runner the target is helpless and needs to be saved. If confronted they can teleport away in a puff of smoke.

Rat Ogre

Big and buff, the Rat Ogre is a Sub-Boss in the game. They are large and mostly in charge. There is nothing too special about them among Sub-Bosses, they are the standard from Vermintide 1. They hit hard, can launch heroes they hit, and have a large health pool.


At some point the Skaven noticed a flaw with Rat Ogres. They’re just too dumb. It’s not possible for them to wield weapons or do much of anything except charge. Through experimentation the Skaven bred small mutants that would function as the brains for them. Thus the combined creature became known as a Stormfiend. Stormfiends are coated in armor and mostly need to be damaged from behind. As their brain stems are vulnerable and take significant damage compared to their bodies. Like Rat Ogres they are big and brawny but also carry Warpfire Throwers which scald those who approach them. From the front the Stormfiend is an extremely deadly foe.



The average warrior of the Rotblood. These soldiers are quite wild and are stronger than their Skaven counterparts. Without any armor they still are not too hard to deal with but may take a few swings to kill.


Battle hardened, Marauders have a decent chunk of health to get through though they lack armor. They charge up their swings and can deal heavy blows, but telegraph their attacks making it easy to dodge them.

Chaos Warrior

Who is ready for some heavy metal, armor! Chaos Warriors are high ranking servants of Chaos. These ones serve the god Nurgle and are coated from head to toe in armor. Their weak point is their head, but even that is still heavily armored. Their blows can easily break guard and are best dodged.


Sorcerers in service of Nurgle mainly come in two forms. One is the Blightstormer. A Blightstormer likes to hide far away while weaving winds of magic causing a storm. This storm of green can pick up and toss heroes and can only be dispelled by killing the caster.


The other form of sorcerer is the Lifeleecher. These figures like to ambush heroes and stun them while sucking the life out of them. The act of leeching life pulls the hero towards the caster who must be staggered or killed to free them.

Bile Troll

Trolls that are in service of Nurgle are known as Bile Trolls. These lumbering large creatures are a form of Sub-Boss that can spawn. They regenerate health over time and deal a good amount of damage. When their health reaches certain thresholds they’ll drop to one knee and try to regenerate a massive amount of health, you need to focus fire it at this moment. Trolls are weak to fire. Bile Trolls can vomit acid that blinds those it hits and creates pools that damage those who stand in them.

Chaos Spawn

Yikes talk about ugly. Chaos Spawn are mutated former mortals that have been twisted by Chaos. Over time they lose their mind until they become nothing but a husk of death and destruction. In battle these creatures are Sub-Bosses that are highly aggressive. They can grab heroes and chew on them to gain health back. Their onslaught never ends until they are killed.

Damn this is a quick turn around!

This game is so so so good. Did not play Vermintide 1 but from what I’ve heard this is an improvement in pretty much every way.

Sucks that they teach you like, none of the mechanics you’ll actually need to survive.

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I didn’t play the first either, but love Left 4 Dead so I’ve been wanting a game like this for some time. It is so much fun. And very true, a part of why I’ll be going over a lot of mechanics and tips and tricks and things.

This game kinda snuck up on me, I have to say. I saw a few things about the first Vermintide and it looked good, but I didn’t have a good enough rig to really try it. Then about two weeks ago suddenly I hear that there’s a sequel coming out, it’s coming out soon and it’s apparently pretty cheap? I’ve been looking for something to scratch that Left 4 Dead itch for a while, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this LP and knowing me, I’ll likely pick up the game to try it out myself!

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Yep it’s pretty cheap, only 30 dollars currently. It was 27 before release. As someone who loved L4D it really scratches that itch.

Kerillian was my favorite in the first game. She’s so cool.

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She doesn’t have my fav playstyle but she is a beast in this game. Her special abilities are straight up busted and her weapons are so fast and good. Up close and at range she excels so much.

Loved the first one, and this one too.

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The 1st vermintide was not bad. Vermintide 2 is an improvement and great refinement of the 1st game. I’m a sucker for sienna, mostly because lighting things on fire is fun.

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Vermintdie 1 was a good game, and this game super improves on it. Looking forward to more videos. Do you have people planned for co-commentary?


I haven’t played too much of Sienna as of yet, I am planning on practicing her more and showing her off though. She can be pretty handy with dealing with hordes and bosses.

I have one person planned for co-commentary already and I’m waiting on seeing if more will be available. I’m still trying to decide whether for group commentary we’ll be doing live or post commentary.

I’d suggest post commentary, that way you can explain what you’re doing without having to interrupt yourselves to play the game.

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Very true, it’ll be my first time doing co commentary, and my first time doing it in post. Trying to think of how to do that, best option being recording discord along with OBS as we watch a video unlisted that I upload in a video syncing program. Then add the commentary after. Maybe I;ll try out both and see which works the best.

Update 2 - Taal’s Keep

Let’s get things started, we’ll be going through the things around Taal’s Keep, the hub for the game. Rather than having you just go through menus alone the lobby for Vermintide 2 is its own world. First you’ll have to select a character then you’ll be placed within Taal’s Keep. Taal is an ancient god of humans in Warhammer, a god of nature.

You are able to explore the keep. At first it won’t have too much to explore, mainly a courtyard, the bridge of shadows, and a few spots where you can do things like craft and deal with item management. It should be noted that you can just pull up the item menu at any time and do whatever you need to do such as open lootboxes without needing to interact with specific environmental objects.

As you level up characters so too will the Keep. For instance since I have Bardin at a high enough level he has a room now in the Keep rather than just a cot in the main room. Each character will have their own rooms depending on how leveled up they are. You can also have a statue of the main god of the Empire, Sigmar, in the main room if you own the Collector’s Edition.

To set up a game you’ll need to approach the map and interact with it.

From the map you’ll have some different options to set and decide upon for what you’ll be doing. You can matchmake with others or play with friends, you can do a mixture of both which will still grant you the quickplay bonus to loot. When setting up a game you can decide on one of the 13 levels to play, you’ll have to progress through them to unlock later missions so at first you’ll only have the first 1 of each story arc available. The game has Twitch integration, the way this works is as you stream your chat will be able to vote on enemy spawns, difficulty adjustments, loot, boons, and debuffs.

The Bridge of Shadows is also found in Taal’s Keep. This is what you use to teleport to and from missions. It is said that it is more powerful magically at night.

As I mentioned you’re able to bring up the in game menu at any time and deal with your items, talents, crafting, and cosmetics. This game is big on loot. You can break it down for materials and craft new items.

Whenever you level up you gain a commendation box, and when you beat a mission depending on how many tomes, grimoires, loot dice, and perform, you will get better loot. You cannot buy lootboxes. They are only earned in game.

Lootboxes will drop gear that is near to your level. As you get higher equipment level you’ll get better gear. Each difficulty can only give a maximum level for equipment earned in it, for instance Recruit equipment will not exceed level 100.

In the courtyard are dummies you can check your damage on. Some have armor and allow you to test the armor penetration of the weapons you have.

Franz and Olesya can also be found in the Keep but offer little dialogue at the time being.

That’s just about it for Taal’s Keep.


Update 3 - Supplemental 1 - Getting Through Armor

Here is a little mini episode about armored enemies in game and how to deal with armor.

Update 4 - Episode 2 - Righteous Stand

In today’s episode we are introduced to the game proper. This is the true Vermintide 2 experience. We run into some RNG hiccups and AI troubles. In this episode we also meet Ferrond, a friend of mine. He’ll be with us for much of the LP. In this episode we did live commentary to try and liven things up a bit and because of recording limitations with discord. A problem in this episode is I’m very quiet but that’ll be fixed in all future updates.

This was such a beautiful moment, it needed to be saved for posterity.


Update 5 - Episode 3 - Convocation of Decay

Today’s episode I fixed the graphics and audio and things are off to a running start. Ferrond once again joins us while we go deep into an Imperial church to discover what horrors lay beneath it. I apologize if you hear any rumbling sometimes, Ferrond was on his phone it was the only way we could record.

Also thank you for making that GIF Phoenix it is beautiful. We see some more glitchy nonsense in this episode.