Lights! Camera! Woof! The Dog Movies Thread

One of the Discords I frequent reminded me of the weird niche of dog movies and how amazing/terrible they can all be. You’ve probably seen at least one, so let’s share and talk about full cinematic releases and direct-to-video monstrosities.

Paws (1997)

An Australian movie with Billy Connolly voicing a dog that is also a hacker and there’s this weird sub-plot about family drama and stolen money that Eastern European Cruella de Vil wants. It’s also very creepy on occasions, in the late '90s kind of way.

Karate Dog (2005)

I don’t know anything about this one, but the title is self-explanatory.

Air Bud I - XIV

I’m pretty sure that I saw a movie once when I was younger that was about dogs coming from outer space or something, but I sincerely can’t remember the name right now.

Cop Dog is neither about a cop nor a dog.

I recently watched Doggie Boogie (or Doggie B as it’s sometimes known) which I livetweeted while watching a little while ago.

Doggie B is this bizarre piece of cinema that started its life as a pitch on the (now defunct) website After that through some arcane magic it became a real movie about a girl’s quest to win a dog dancing competition. It contains, in order from least to most amazing:

Dog dancing

Lots of dogs in stupid costumes

Some kind of dog-based new age spirituality

A Dog Dancing Bible that looks like the necronomicon

Terrible After Effects dog flips

A woman transforming into a terrifying human/dog hybrid

It can drag a little at times (especially when it’s focusing on the boring main character) but almost all of the other characters are great and the film manages to be weird enough throughout that it’s still really entertaining.

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