LGX (GC550) Driver Issues?

Just received an Live Gamer Extreme. Installed the software+drivers provided by Avermedia twice now, once with the assumption nothing would go wrong and the second with administrator access.
It’s currently giving me this message whenever I open the software:

(the links in the image lead to the download pages at avermedia except they force the site to think you’re in China and you gotta clear your cookies to get to another language)

In the device manager I see:

And Properties:

Uninstalling the driver in the device manager reclasses the device under Software Devices instead of “Sound, video and game controllers”. AVERMedia does not provide the drivers outside of the installer which unpacks them, installs them (incorrectly somehow) and then deletes them before moving onto the software. I have not found the drivers elsewhere on the internet.
I have uninstalled, rebooted, and done every other ‘basic’ troubleshooting technique in the book.

The thing lights up red when plugged in. According to a small piece of paper from the box it should be lit blue when it’s recognized by RECentral or OBS.
I’m on Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the card is plugged in through USB 3.0.

Not 100% solved but for the purposes of recording locally (but not streaming) I was able to get the card working by reverting to the version served by the executable “GC550_RECentral_3_v3.0.0.34_16101101_Drv_3.0.x.93”. According to the patch notes for future updates it would be difficult to continuously stream with this version of the software + driver so this is not a perfect solution.