Let's Spend a 'Night In The Woods'

Let’s Play Night in the Woods! (One of my most anticipated games of 2017 :3)

When I saw the footage from this game a few years back, I really liked the art style, after learning more about the game play, themes and story of this game it made me like it more and more. After being disappointment from a few delays. I’m glad it came out so early in the year. So let’s see how the game plays out, and if at the end I will like it as much as when I saw the previews! Let’s Play ‘Night in the Woods!’

Mae, an only child, has returned home to Possum Springs, where times have changed since the closing of its coal mines. Now living in her parents’ attic, she discovers she possesses certain paranormal abilities, and uncovers a dark mystery that leads her into the nearby woods. Mae’s friends include Bea, a cigarette-smoking alligator; Mae’s best friend Gregg, a fox; and Gregg’s partner, a bear named Angus. Paste describes the themes covered as "mental illness, depression, the stagnancy of the middle and lower classes, and the slow death of small town America.

This is a blind play through, so no spoilers please! :3:

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9J5Yg6qiCMz0MpQi8E67x64fSX3hDTPt

Part 1: Drop Out, Old Friends, Band Practice and Porn Viruses

Gregg is definitely my favorite character so far!

Part 2: Party on Mae!

Gregg is still as awesome as ever!

Part 3: Shoplifting, Fish Heads and Random Rodents

We find some random rodents D:
Part 4: Crime Time!

What the… Indeed! Gregg is still the best part of the game!

Thanks for Watching! :smiley:
(Updated the banner, hope you all like it :3)

Dranocross, you’re probably wondering why your threads are getting so little interaction, and I’m concerned you’ve misread the community here.

First of all, you pretty often tell people to comment. Pardon the language, but that is Youtube bullshit, and this forum is about getting away from Youtube bullshit. If people are enjoying your LP you can trust them to like, comment, and subscribe without you badgering them about it.

Secondly, lay off on the branding, dude. It’s fine to have a logo but you don’t need to slap it on everything you make. What about instead of your logo you put up some images related to the game?

Speaking of which, these threads are here for a reason, and that means you need to put some amount of effort into them. This doesn’t mean a description of the game copied and pasted from Wikipedia followed by a bunch of embedded videos. Try to include some images related to the game, the game’s logo, a description of the game (in your words), a description of what the viewer can expect from your let’s play, a brief statement of why you’re doing this let’s play, maybe some character bios. There are LOTS of good examples of great, well-made threads on these forums if you look around. And this guide contains tips on how to make a good thread: [Guide] So You’re Going To Make A Let’s Play . If you’ve put zero effort into your thread, then why should people think you’ve put any effort into your LP.

Finally, your LPs just aren’t special. All you’ve done so far are day-one, blind let’s plays of games with good SEO. If people want that they can find it literally anywhere on Youtube, and that’s not what this forum is about. If you want people to engage with your LPs on this forum, you can’t just copy what Youtube wisdom says’ll get you popular because, as stated earlier, this forum is about getting away from Youtube bs. Instead, try playing a lesser-known old game, or play a game in an interesting way no one’s seen before, or be extremely skilled at a difficult game. Whatever you do just make sure it’s a game you’re passionate about. If you’re excited to show a game off to the world, then the world will be excited to experience it.

And as a side note, day-one, blind playthroughs aren’t bad, but you better be sure you already have an established audience if you want people to care.

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Hi, I appreciate the feedback.
When do I tell people to comment? After a 1 hour+ video I say at the end "if you liked it, please like and subscribe? 2 seconds. I wouldn’t say that’s often.
Branding? I don’t like using other people’s artwork, I don’t like to see the top empty so I post my banner, I also have a 4 second intro, again that’s just 4 seconds from an hour long video. (I think people also like being recognized for their work.)
And I quote:
“Your OP and individual updates can be as detailed or sparse as you want them to be,”
“You can even just copy the description straight from Wikipedia if you want, honestly.”
“And even if you don’t have a unique spin on an unpopular tenant of LP, who cares? It’s your thread and your LP. If you want to LP something in a certain way then own it: stand by your conviction,”

I read all the rules and the LP guide before making my first post.

If I wanted to be popular on youtube I would facecam and yell like an idiot. I play those games, because they’re the games I want to play and share with my friends and the cool peeps in this forum. Also I wouldn’t say ‘Night In The Woods’ is a game everyone on youtube will be playing and I specified that it’s one of my most anticipated games of this year, so that’s why I’m playing it… .

I started making “Let’s Plays” to help me with my illness. I’m alone all day so I make the videos pretending I’m actually talking to someone. I’m not going into details cause I don’t want to be doing “sob stories”. Just mentioning since getting “Youtube Famous!” is the last thing on my mind.

I like blind play throughs, because I like to keep in record my reactions of “special moments” or some of that bull that happens in games.

You may not think they’re specil, but someone else might. I’ve gotten messages thanking me for my LPs, so I think that’s pretty special, even if I’m putting “zero effort”.

Thanks for the assumptions but, anyway…
Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep some of it in my mind.

You shouldn’t even do that. That’s a cheesy tactic that never works. Markiplier never tells anyone to like, comment and subscribe at the end. If people like it, they’ll like it. Don’t do it.

You don’t have a “brand.” You’re doing this for fun. Put the game’s title at the top. You may be the host, but you’re not the star, the game is.

Also: your presentation within the video is kinda lacking in quality anyway. I recommend that you not only watch other LPs but consume a lot more media in general, like books, comics, you name it, to balance yourself out and see what makes good presentation. That’s advice for any creator.

I think you should shelve this for now. The complete lack of people responding to this LP’s first post should be a big hint. Take it.

Speedball, I think his questions were less asking “how do I do these things right then” and more saying, “I don’t do those things you say are wrong, show me where I do the thing you don’t like.”

Drano, if this is one of your “most anticipated games of 2017,” tell us some more about that, about why you anticipated it, what captured your imagination and all that. Look at it like this, you are a vital, unique creation, completely unlike anything else on this Earth, multifaceted and complex, and nothing about your OP tells us a damn thing about that. So us the viewers don’t really…care, I guess? Asking us to give you ninety minutes of our time just because you nebulously assert that you were super looking forward to it is a bit much, to be frank…

Also, those things you quoted from the guidelines are true, but they don’t obligate us to like your LP.

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Back in the day there used to be a mandatory rule about waiting 3 months on new games to start a thread, primarily to avoid tons of competing threads on day 1 new hotness games that passed aside editing and insight for speed. While that rule got lifted with the rising popularity of indie games (waiting 3 months to LP a game that can be completed in 90 mins or 2-3 updates that everyone else already finished months ago was a bit absurd) its spirit and reasoning still stands. Primarily because when you rush to get a new game out, you are sacrificing time for editing and writing/gathering your thoughts on a game.

If I wanted to see a blind playthrough of this game on release day, there are literally hundreds of them on twitch right now, or I could buy the game and experience it for myself. This medium offers us something unique we can bring to explaining and presenting a game. Even if it’s a game I’ve played myself, if the LP’er brings something unique or interesting to the table (not reinventing the wheel, just a simple twist) I am sold. I’ve beaten RE7 like 7 times this week alone, but if someone started a ‘knife only, kill all enemies’ run, I am in.

I say this not to rag on you. I’ve seen a few of your videos, you’ve got good equipment, a good voice, and can crack a few jokes. I think if you put a bit of time in the preparation side of an LP, you could do something wonderful. Take advantage of the unique aspects of the medium we have here. Hold polls, contests, engage the readers in a way beyond “comment on these vids”. Maybe stream your blind playthrough and edit that hour footage down into 30 minutes that really nail progress/jokes/commentary?

Also, just a side note, daily-to-near-daily releases of hour-long content is extremely hard to keep up with, regardless of how much I like the uploader.

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It’s been a habit to ask to like and subscribe at the end of the video. If it’s so frowned upon, I’ll try to stop.
In the branding thing, I never said I had a brand, the previous post said what’s up with the branding. I just have a video intro. I don’t like the videos, just starting with “Hey!” Or whatever.

How is it lacking? I’m legitimately asking.

Not going to “shelf” it. I’ll try to apply the feedback and try to make a better experience.

Thanks for the feedback.

I was legitimately asking what they meant. Saying I often ask to comment, I don’t think I do that. I want to see what they meant.
I do admit I didn’t do much to explain why I’m looking forward to play the game. I should do a better job with that.
I’m not saying anyone has to like the video, I was quoting those parts since on the previous post they were saying those things as absolutes, and quite frankly I think the post felt condescending. As the guide says I’m making my LPs and I stand behind them, sure they could use improving and they will as I keep improving, even if you or anyone else doesn’t like them.

Thanks for feedback.

Every single one of your LP threads starts with your logo front and center.

Hey, Bearpigman thanks for the feedback and comments, I really appreciate it. I’ll try to do a better job editing down the videos and make it something more enjoyable instead of something to long to endure. I’ve been taking the feedback into consideration and hopefully the next coming LPs are a better experience.


Yeah, and I already explained why. Not gonna post a random screenshot at the top, and I don’t like using someone else’s artwork using the logo they made for the game. So I just add my banner so it’s not a blank space and just text.

What’s wrong with a screenshot from the game? Why not use the opening title screen, or a shot from the opening cutscene? Tons of games have those “trailer moment” cutscenes that are perfect for a nice little header.

If just a screenshot is too plain for you, you can always dress it up with some text. Maybe a filter? Hell you could even slap your banner image onto it. It helps differentiate your threads from one another. When I click into one of your threads I’m literally just looking at the exact same thing and it’s just not very enticing to me.

I mean game logos and banners literally exist to be used as promotional material by others, it’s not like you need to be concerned that you’re stealing their hard work, that’s perfectly normal.

Anyway hey, hi. Haven’t watched the video, I’m at work, I just got a notification from the guide being linked. I don’t think you’ve necessarily read the community poorly, it looks more like you have your personal habits and hang-ups about LP that aren’t gelling perfectly with everybody else. That’s fine. I will say that I didn’t really intend for my guide to be either a hard-and-fast ruleset or a shield from criticism. The Wikipedia bit in particular was poorly worded and was supposed to indicate that if you can think of anything to put in your OP, you always have a resource to turn to. Mentioning that it’s directly quoted from the website is a good idea if you do use it, at least.

Honestly it’s probably good that a thread being met with more criticism than positivity happened sooner than later, since it’s a hard thing to approach from both ends without accidentally falling into a deeper hole of arguments, and the “your thread, your rules” philosophy is meant to avoid a thread spiralling into constant negativity at the LPer themselves.

The fact is that some people have issues with the LP/s and have voiced them. And you’ve heard them and responded with your reasoning behind decisions you’ve made. If continued criticism, either from the same people or new viewers, starts to frustrate you, it may be best to run a future thread by the Fortress.

Similarly, I personally think if the thread isn’t being workshopped in the Fortress, it doesn’t really help to post criticism more than once after the LPer has acknowledged it. You can give your opinion and let the LP play out without you if you aren’t feeling it. The Fortress will always exist for LPers if they find people aren’t watching, and it’s their choice to seek targeted critique. If it’s not actively harmful, I don’t think a few threads that few people follow because most don’t enjoy them is that much of a problem.

Mods may feel otherwise, of course. I might be overestimating the “what’s good will rise to the top and what’s bad will die out on their own” attitude that seemed to work with SA; the average poster is a lot more willing to tear something down if they don’t like it, after all.

In the end, you have your LPs and you’re happy with how they’re going. You’re not in it for the views, so an unpopular thread doesn’t seem like it would bother you. Just remember that feedback always comes from a place of good intentions. I hope.

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so I clicked this because I intend to LP this game myself in a few weeks, but also i dont have time to watch this right now im scarfing down a sandwich before bed so I can sleep before a math test

the way I see it is do LP’s for you, there’s no magic formula to being super good just try out whatever & experiment, but some of these are good suggestions to at least think about. if you do a good job people will tend to notice.

sorry i cant provide any other feedback but yeah good luck

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Nothing wrong, but I feel to many screenshots can make the post to cluttered. I just like to keep things simple and clean. But I understand just posting my banner on the top on every post will get dull and boring. I tried putting the TN of the RE7 LP along with each video and I didn’t like how it looked. Anyway, I started working on that, I’ll start making my own logos to post on top. Since I make a little avatar related to the game I’m playing I’ll use that with a logo I made.

Thanks for the comment and feedback.

Hi! :3 Thanks for the comments and feedback. I totally understand about the guidelines, I was just using them since I was being told different things as absolutes. I now nothing is set in stone, and it’s a more of a helpful guideline. Butting heads on anything will eventually be inevitable. I don’t mind the criticism, I actually encourage it. If no one tells you otherwise you’ll be stuck in a loop of doing exactly the same thing. The art thing, I just don’t like it, being an artist myself, I’ve had work stolen and copied, so I always have bad feelings about it. Something people don’t like somethings, some people won’t mind it. It’s how things goes. As long as things keep as conversations I have no issues with it. I’ve taken a lot of the criticism into consideration and I will try to improve, that’s what its for.


Hey, thank you. No worries. I do the LPs for myself since I actually started my channel to distract myself from the pain I get from my illness. I’m not looking for popularity or anything. Even though I know anyone wouldn’t mind getting popular and making a living out of LPs. It would definitely be a plus. But like everyone else I’m just here to share my videos, start conversations and get feedback and possibly make some friends. I’m taking some of the feedback and will try my best to apply it, there’s always room for improvement.

Thanks a lot! :3.

Hey everyone! Part 2 is up! :3

Hey! Been feeling to sick to record and post stuff. But we’re back with ‘Night at the Woods’ part 3! :3:

Hey! I’m not dead (yet.) Health issues and streaming Breath of the Wild xD But we’re back with part 4! Mae and Gregg start doing some crimes! Check it out! : 3