Let's Play. Like, Let's All Actually Play Together

How about we get some community interaction going, eh? The backstory:

About three weeks ago I finally bought a PS3, and quickly downloaded one of the exclusive games that I’ve been aching to experience for years: Journey. The most I really know about Journey is that it seamlessly matches players into each others’ games for a beautiful…cooperative experience? I don’t know what actually happens, I just know that was a big part of Journey for everybody back when the game first came out, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on the full experience just because nobody’s playing it anymore.

So why don’t we set up a little playdate? Everybody with a PS3 and Journey can all play at roughly the same time and we can help make the game that much better for me those of us playing it for the first time. I figure if this goes well and we all have a good time we can turn this into a general thread for…let’s call them community playthroughs, for lack of a snappier term. More than just individual matchmaking, we can have days where everyone joins in to play a multiplayer game of some fashion, breathe new life into older games that still have online support, and just have some fun for a few hours.

Sound like a plan? Well, in any case, I’m gonna play Journey sometime soon, and anybody who has the game is welcome to join me. At the moment I’m thinking I’ll be playing next weekend, on Saturday the 18th of February. I’m in Australia, GMT+10/11, so that will likely work out to Friday night for you, but if you want to play, that’s where I’ll be. I’ll post in here when I start and finish, and if it works out to be a good time I’ll redo this post to be a bit more generalised so we can do it again!

Anybody got any other games in mind that are either unambiguously more fun with other people or just fun multiplayer games in general?

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I can heartily recommend two games on Steam: 100% Orange Juice and Armello. They’re both different kinds of board games; 100%OJ is anime styled and very heavily reliant on RNG, while I’ve heard Armello called ‘Game of Thrones, but with animals’.

I’d be totally up for playing either with folks from the Zone. (Zoni?)


I have a lot of multiplayer games that me and my friends love to pull out when we have a large group together. In no particular order:

  • Jackbox: Any of them will do, although games like Fibbage and Drawful are particular favorites. Just brings out the creativity and humor in people.
  • Lethal League: Awesome soundtrack and visuals, and it’s such madcap fun, even if you don’t always know what’s happening.
  • Towerfall: We have so many hours in this game, it’s obscene. Shoot arrows round after round, and throw in different arrow types and stage options, and you gt yourself a real winner.
  • Move Or Die: It’s basically Warioware meets Super Meat Boy, and if that doesn’t sell you on it, well…it should.
  • Duck Game: A lot of games on this list focus around hectic fun, but honestly, that’s kind of the best kind. You’re always laughing and having fun, and Duck game brings it with a fun style that feels goofy and energetic. Plus, you can start a band!
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse: You get to build the level as you play, and actively mess with your friends as they do the same to you. Again, creative and hilarious.

And that about does it with my recommendations. But I hope you find something great to play with everyone, and hopefully I can join in too!

I do not get to play Lethal League nearly enough for my tastes. I’m not saying I’d take a day off for Lethal League day, but I am saying I’d think about it really hard.

I’m surprised nobody mentioned Mario Kart 8 yet. Or Castle Crashers. Castle Crashers is also very good. I’d suggest Scott Pilgrim if they hadn’t taken that game down.

I’m really bad at Fibbage. All my lies are fucking hilarious but so obviously lies. And I don’t pick the answer I think is true, I pick the one I want to be true or that I think deserves points.

Anyway, anyone wanna play Quiplash or Tee K.O. tonight around 8-9 PM Eastern? (3-4 hours from now.)

Hey y’all, glad to see people are into the idea. Just reminding everyone that I’ll be starting Journey in about 30 minutes, so if anyone wants to try and luck into a connection, you’ll know where to find me for the next however many hours.

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