Let's Play Catch-Up! Max Attempts Classic Games For the First Time

Once upon a time, a girl got her very first video game console, a Super Nintendo. Unfortunately, because she didn’t really know anything about console games, she only played licensed platformers like Aladdin, Animaniacs, and The Lion King until she got an N64. As a result, that girl missed a ridiculous amount of classic games from the NES and SNES era, and she’s been shamed for it ever since. She’s learned what she missed, but she’s still never played them.

To no one’s surprise, that girl is me, Max. After coughcough years, I’m finally sitting down and playing all the classic games that make people stop and stare like I have a second head when I say, “I’ve never played that.” I figured, if I’m going to do something horribly, might as well entertain other people. Thus, Let’s Play Catch-Up was born. Every week, I’ll be sitting down to play one of these games with my husband Chachi as a human guidebook, because he HAS played most of these and I don’t care to spend hours being lost.

The Goal:
Play as many of those “I can’t believe you’ve never played-” games as possible, generally from the NES, Genesis, and SNES eras, but I’m not opposed to more modern games as well.

How This Will Work:

  1. I’ll be streaming these on Wednesdays at 7 on Twitch.
  2. I will attempt to complete each game to the The End screen, ideally without shortcuts or cheats unless said cheats are meant to be exploited by the casual player (ex: The Konami Code). If I can’t beat it, I’ll get as far as possible in it. I’m pretty bull-headed, though, so you shouldn’t see me giving up much.
  3. I will do my best not to depend on Chachi’s prior knowledge unless absolutely necessary.
  4. After each game, I’ll put up a poll for the next thing on the to-do list with two to three options. I am open to suggestions for what viewers would like to see me flail at next before the poll goes live. I will always be honest about what I’ve played before. No “Oh, nooo, I’ve neeever played this before” while I’m navigating the stage like I’m reading the Prima manual here.

Without further ado, Let’s Play Catch-Up!

Game #1: The Legend of Zelda (NES)
Let’s Play Legend of Zelda 1/3
Let’s Play Legend of Zelda 2/3
Let’s Play Legend of Zelda 3/3

Game #2: Mega Man 2 (NES)
Let’s Play Mega Man 2

Game #3: Super Metroid (SNES)
Let’s Play Super Metroid 1/5
Let’s Play Super Metroid 2/5
Let’s Play Super Metroid 3/5
Let’s Play Super Metroid 4/5
Let’s Play Super Metroid 5/5

Game #4: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
Let’s Play LoZ: ALttP 1/6
Let’s Play LoZ: ALttP 2/6
Let’s Play LoZ: ALttP 3/6
Let’s Play LoZ: ALttP 4/6
Let’s Play LoZ: ALttP 5/6
Let’s Play LoZ: ALttP 6/6

An Attempt Was Made
Let’s Try Demon’s Crest, Contra III, and R-Type 3


Y’alls audio was a little quiet as compared to the in game sound effects. I like the concept for these streams, though. Keep it up!

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Dang, we’d fiddled with the volume balance so much, too. Thanks for the input! Guess we’ll fiddle around some more today.

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In a little under seven hours, with a grand total of 86 deaths, I have officially beaten The Legend of Zelda! I wasn’t good at it, but it is DONE! Which means it’s time to start a new game and begin tormenting myself all over again. So, what should the next thing on my to-do list be? One of the Mega Mans, Super Metroid, or something else? I’m open to any and all suggestions. If it’s an NES or Genesis game, it’s a safe bet I’ve never played it. SNES, pretty fair chance (unless it’s Kirby, Donkey Kong Country, or Mario. I’m not THAT game-uneducated. Well, I mean, I mostly am, but-). N64/PS1 or higher, it’s a gamble.

  • Mega Man
  • Super Metroid
  • Something else

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Gotta throw a vote in for Super Metroid. It’s probably my favourite game of all time, and certainly the one I’ve played the most. I think I must have played it 30 or so times by now. It’s so good.

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Dang, I’m the only one showing the mega man love.

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Mega Man will probably be my third if Super Metroid continues at this pace. I’ve got an ever-growing list of other games for after, but something from the MM series is one of my top “I need to at least try it” games.

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After a brief poll on Twitter (cause I said I would on the last stream/video), we’ve got Mega Man in the lead 6 to 5. You might get your wish, @prahanormal! letsplaypoll

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Tonight: Max learns to jump and shoot all over again.

It’s time for jumping and shooting (and some semi-gratuitous rewinding. Don’t give me that look, Boobeam Trap is nuts on a newbie). Let’s Play Mega Man 2!

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Heh heh. Boobeam.

(8th. Feb 2018 edit: Last night’s Super Metroid stream went pretty well! Samus only exploded a little bit, it was very pro.)

On today’s episode of Let’s Play Catch-Up, Max learns a third lesson beyond jumping and shooting: saving!

Let’s Play Super Metroid!

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Haven’t been updating the thread like I should, we haven’t been as good at timely uploads. Main link is updated with the newest videos. The streams are still going though, and with some luck, I’ll be taking down Ridley, Mother Brain, and the rest of Planet Zebes tonight.

And with one final banging-head-against-bosses, Super Metroid is done! Since it only took about an hour to beat Mother Brain and escape Zebes (I did not have time to save the animals. I am a monster), I decided to give some other games a try. I was not good at any of them. I’ve filed these under An Attempts Was Made. Will probably do more of these with games that I know I won’t be able to get very far in, but should at least give a good college try. Or a bad college try. Either way.

Coming up next: Probably Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

Guess what? The next one WAS A Link to the Past! Videos one and two are in their proper place in the OP.