Let's Narcissism: Congratulations, You Let's Played Yourself


So a major part of my life has been playing around in game development. I got my start making Sonic Fan Games way back in the late 90’s in high school, and continue to make games even now. At some point, I decided to revisit one of my older fan games and release the source code for it, which became a video titled “Let’s Narcissism.”

Rather than make that a one-off, I turned it in to a series of videos where I go back and provide sort of a developer’s commentary over the games I’ve made over the years, talking about my inspirations and struggles, including…

  1. The years-long evolution of my first original game: “The House,” and how I tried to figure out what makes horror games tick (4 episodes)
  2. My most successful fan game, “Super Mario: Blue Twilight” (10 episodes)
  3. A run-through of all the levels I’ve made for Super Mario Maker (3 episodes)
  4. The last fan game I ever worked on, an unfinished classic Sonic game called “Sonic Forever” (3 episodes)

But the real reason I wanted to do this thread is because I’m doing another batch of episodes, this time for a game I created for a halloween-themed game jam called “OverBite.” Episode 1 just went up today, of what will be three total episodes.

OverBite - Episode 1

Episode 1 begins not with OverBite itself, but with a look at two other games I planned for the two previous Halloweens that never came to be.

The complete “Let’s Narcissism” playlist can be found here.


OverBite - Episode 2

We finally get in to the star attraction and I learn pretty quickly that I made a game that’s actually really hard to talk over and play at the same time, due to how complicated the inputs get for high-level play. Whoops!


Whoops! I was embroiled with the stress of trying to find an apartment in Nevada and possibly owing multiple tens of thousands of dollars to the previous landlord that I forgot to post about the final episode of OverBite!

OverBite - Episode 3 (Bonus)
I ended episode 2 by attempting a speed run and being sort of overwhelmed by the idea of talking over the game while also pulling off its semi-complex inputs. Here’s a plain, no-commentary speed run for the entire game. I make two mistakes, but I think I turn in a very respectable time regardless – it would’ve been a perfect run, but this video right here took two hours to record and it was eating in to time I needed to use packing for the move, so I decided two small mistakes were fine given it was still sub-10-minutes overall. If anyone thinks they can go faster, I’d love to see it :wink: :wink: :wink: