Let's All Write Short Fiction! Now with new, disastrous prompts



Similar to @MadameTanky I’m working on a SMT: Persona fic, so this seems up my alley. I’m in.


I’ll give it a go, count me in!


Hit me, I always enjoy making a fool of myself!


Now that i’m awake enough to engage my brain…




[quote=“BabsScriven, post:39, topic:1544, full:true”]And I’ve finished my piece! Well, a first run of it, at least. I might go edit it up a bit, but please feel free to comment and criticize! (also if you throw a title at it I wouldn’t complain. Naming things always stumps me)


Cool! I’ll give this a read later!

If anyone else has anything to say about the stories posted so far, please don’t hesitate to!


I’m like 50-66% done with the final draft of mine. I have to pop out for a bit to spend time with the gf but I wanted to give you guys an update on it.

I’m working on the desert stuff. Yes, I made each of the biomes Lexicon mentioned a part of the overarching story.


Got mine done!

I decided to make mine a bit of an allegory for the current refugee crisis, and since it’s valentine’s day, tossed in a bit of a love angle too (which I’m pretty bad at writing, but I at least know I can’t make a worse love story using sand as an allegory than George Lucas)


Get me twet because I am in (for writing this prompt)


Magical realism? Heck yeah, time to stop lurking. I would like a prompt, please


I did it, mum, I got someone to stop lurking! Does this mean I hit the big time?




Oh, here’s couple general things I meant to say earlier:

When people submit stories, they’d make my life a heck of a lot easier if they included their prompt and their word count, so please do that.

The dates for this one is from February 13th til February 26th. That’s not a strict deadline, that’s just when we’ll select a new prompt. Suggestions for new prompts are always welcome!


triple post combo!

This is really sweet! I don’t really have much more to say than that. I suppose the pacing towards the end is a little rushed, I feel like it would have been nice to see more of the first date (maybe what i’m saying is, make it even gayer :stuck_out_tongue:).
I liked your protagonist a lot. It’s hard to not make a protagonist of a short story feel like a blank slate sometimes, so good job with that!

I love this one. The framing device is very well executed and the whole setting and premise really nails a solid tone of strangeness that’s grounded in reality. I think that if you really wanted to make the love angle more compelling it’d help to have depicted more direct interaction between the lovers, rather than just one side of it. However it’s arguable that the love aspect isn’t the main focus of this story anyway. Thanks for your submission!


Still haven’t had a chance to work on mine but as far as prompts go, might I suggest the next one be about apocalypses? Like someone gets a random cataclysmic event/idea (dunno if there’s a good magical realism bot equivalent for that) and has to write something within that framework?


I have finished mine, based on this prompt. Runs at approx. 367 words, since I’ve had a falling in with microfiction recently. Hope it’s good!
Spoilers: I do not know a damn thing about space.


As for new prompts, I think putting together a small gallery of images and original artwork from different genres and having people choose might be interesting, but it’d be hard to manage unless you do what you did and post a prompt image directly.


Um… I think my story is way too damn long and like super political. I accidentally wrote a little over 8,515 words in two days and I’m not done? Gosh, gulp. I don’t know what to do.


The Guggenheim Art Bot might be helpful


Mine is at like almost 6,000 words but I only got a couple areas left to write. I just gotta wrap up the desert, do the jungle, the volcanic area, and then the ending. I think it should be fine as long as it’s like, novella length? I mean, 10-20, even 30 pages isn’t a super long story. I’d probably go 20 tops though.

Mine is only a little political. The small fact that the other regions didn’t do anything to stop the Salamander King because of political reasons. Though they at least have the excuse of his army being the largest in the land.


I am accidentally venturing into paragraphs of policy wonk as a neutral-good flesh golem, chaotic-good half-dragon ranger, and lawful-good human sorcerer discuss how to combat capitalism.


… that actually sounds kind of amazing. :ok_hand: haha, how the hell did you get to that point?


It’s fun to have a variety of lengths to the stories here. I was expecting most to be like 1000-3000 words, but there’s no reason you can’t write something really short like Seth’s one, or something a bit longer like you are. However, if you want to keep it shorter you can try going through scene by scene and thinking about whether it actually drives the plot forward or not, and see what can be cut out to help keep things streamlined. Trimming stories down is hard, but usually it helps improve them, as well as helps refine your writing ability.

That said, one time I had a pretty cool story idea but it was way too over-ambitious for the word limit i was writing under. In the end I had to completely gut it and it became probably the worst thing I’ve ever written. I want to go back to it and make it good, and longer. This is one of the reasons why I don’t want to impose rules but let people rely on self-discipline instead.


Action Without Force, 642 words
Prompt: “A duke hears of a chrysanthemum that grows sapphires, and decides to burn it down.”

Feel free to crit, I’ll contribute some of my own in a bit.