Let's All Write Short Fiction! Now with new, disastrous prompts



Let’s do it y’all.


This thread is receiving more attention than i thought it would! Im glad :3:
Working on getting more prompts now!

Oh yes, SU totally fits the bill! I hadnt really thought about it before, but it really does hit that vibe. Magical realism totally doesnt require explicit, literal magic.


Yeah I really like magic realism 'cause it’s pretty much a fancier version of our world, and opens up a lot of interesting interactions, especially between characters that have powers and those who don’t.

The stars of the thing I’m working on are my OCs, my girlfriend’s OC, and my friend’s OCs. Oh and Peridot, basically it revolves around the B-Team. A lot of “for want of a nail” going on since Peridot adopted an experiment which changed the course of how things played out, and it starts before they find Malachite. So yeah, speculative fiction could also be a future topic! Or would that be more like alternate history? Not sure.


Prompts delivered (not so) promptly!





Oh hell yes I didn’t realize I’ve been waiting my whole life for this. I’ll get to work on this right away. I should be done in like half an hour to an hour or so, who knows.


Im glad youre excited! Even if i manage to write something that fast i always spend ages on redrafts

Still not quite sure exactly what im going to do with mine but its fun thinking about what exactly an invisible candle could mean and do


Well I’m barely keeping on top of my blog and art, and work is incredibly draining, so this sounds like a sufficiently bad idea! Fuck me up, Queen of the Noodly Vampires!


I just got done with my prompt. I went for having a short intro-y style framing device that obviously leads to a larger story overall. I had to remind myself that this was short fiction so I wouldn’t go overboard. Y’all can tell me what you think of it, my worldbuilding is a little rusty, or rather my ability to translate the image in my head to words on paper is a little rusty. I have a bad habit of getting ahead of myself since the image is already in my head and I don’t have to describe it to myself.



Blimey that was quick!

I’m not the queen of noodly vampires, i am the queen of vampires and also i am noodly. Anyway consider yourself fucked up!


I apologize, your Noodly Highness. Thank you for the gift of this fucking up.


“Nothingness,” ooh boy. That’s like, the easiest thing to describe. I’ll see what I can do.


I haven’t written a piece of fiction in forever, but fuck it, sign me up too! Magical realism sounds like an awesome prompt, and I’m too creatively bankrupt to come up with my own initial concept, so definitely something from the twitter bot, too.


I had to step out and do something for a bit, but yeah I work quick haha. I should probably clarify that the universe that story took place in is basically like our own universe but with superheroes in it. Sometimes those heroes get summoned to dimensions running parallel to their own, hence the weird-ass biome mess in that cartoony high-fantasy world.


hoo boy i just found a really good one and i’m kind of envious. congratulations on this one


Huh. That is an interesting idea. Welp, let’s see how long it takes me to write that story.


Thanks for blessing my thread with the first submission, here are my thoughts.
I can tell you wrote this fast, I’m seeing some commas that should be periods and the pacing feels very stream-of-consciousness-esque, for lack of a better term. You said when you submitted that you tend to get ahead of yourself- I think going back for a redraft or two might help sort that problem out!
The dialogue is fun, and I laughed out loud a number of times while reading this.
Huh, there’s a part early one where the protagonist has their mind read, but their thought is presented as narration and it left me quite confused the first time I read it.
The scene transition towards the end is incredibly jarring, not sure how I feel about that.
You’ve got a good amount of cheese, it almost feels like a fantasy themed spaghetti western, and I dig that.
I think you do a good job of establishing each character’s personality, all quite strong and distinct.
Overall, it’s fun and interesting, but it kind of isn’t actually a complete story, but just the start of one. I think your core ideas are good, but I feel this story could do with some minor reworking and a lot more polish, to make it feel properly self-contained instead of just the beginning of something else.
I’m a fan of your character names, btw. Especially Steve.

I hope this feedback proves helpful! Keep up the good work!~


Yeah that’s another thing, it’s a very rough draft and all. I tend to do that, just shoot out a story and then go back and rewrite it later. I’ll rework that tomorrow morning. (And yes I’m really bad about not using semicolons and using too many commas sometimes hehe.) Thanks for the feedback, you can kinda tell that I’m more into dialogue and character interaction than the setting itself which I need to improve on.


My suggestion is not submitting straight away, but waiting til you’ve given yourself a chance to perfect it.

I’m a big fan of dialogue and character interaction too. That always tends to come first for me.


And I’ve finished my piece! Well, a first run of it, at least. I might go edit it up a bit, but please feel free to comment and criticize! (also if you throw a title at it I wouldn’t complain. Naming things always stumps me)


I’ll refrain from that in the future, if I can. I just wanted some fresh eyes on my stuff, my girlfriend is too soft on me most of the time when it comes to this stuff.
EDIT: I made a few minor adjustments to the story before hitting the hay tonight. I’ll actually get into the meat of adding the rest of the story tomorrow, since I do actually kinda want to see this prompt through to the end tbh.