Lethal League: Rad Adrenaline Pong

Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game (as Team Reptile described it) that released on August 27th, 2014. It has a modest set of characters to play as at 6, very technical gameplay elements I’m still trying to pull off, and a very sweet soundtrack.



This is the main mode of the game which operates on total number of stock instead of a traditional health bar health bar, like Super Smash Bros. if you’re familiar with that. The goal is to smash a steadily-accelerating ball into your opponent(s) until someone’s the last man standing. Simple, aye? Also the main meat of the game!

The same goal as Free For all but with a Red/Blue/Yellow/Green Team shtick, teamwork and all that jazz. Take out the other teams!

Instead of gaining a possible body count from the other two modes, you get points for scoring against the enemy team by hitting the ball into the others goal. Typically first to 10 points wins.

Stuff like this:

  • time limit
  • number of stock/lives
  • ball-tagging (think of it as toggling friendly fire on the ball so it also hits you if you turn it off)
  • minimum ball speed
  • ball type

can be changed in the Options Menu in the top right of a match setup screen.


Take on the cast in a set of matches leading up to the final boss! Also the final boss is a giant ol’ Boombot

Hit the ball in better ways! Practice yelling as it gets to really ridiculous speeds! Hit it as much as you like and see the max ball speed!

Relive the tutorial of the first few minutes you installed this game.

See the names of the people who worked and brought ya this, appreciate 'em! Credits are also shown at the end of every successful Challenge mode completion.

What else do I need to know?

  1. This game has been out for awhile by now, and the online experience is a bit rusty There are some online issues with the game that make it a bit obnoxious to play for long periods of time online, so please keep that in mind if you have it or want to buy (I hope this is just my old compy’s problems)

  2. You can buy the game here for $13.99 if you don’t have it somewhere (I remember it being part of a Humble Bundle awhile ago), or wait for the price to go down when there’s a sale!

  3. There was a prototype of Lethal League, where the controls are… not kind to normal LL players now. You can also find it on the Lethal League website. Here ya go, it’s gone quite a ways since.

  4. The music is definitely worth listening to. http://lethalleague.team-reptile.com/#getmusic

  5. You can find Team Reptile’s Twitter right here.

So what’s up? Any of ya like/wanted to get into Lethal League?

And look, I know the comparison to dodgeball is more on point but I also really wanted to abbreviate Rad Adrenaline Pong as R.A.P., ok? :silenthill:


The way I described this game to a few friends once is that it’s Smash Bros, but from a parallel dimension where there’s no such thing as fighting games, so instead it’s a sports game.

This game is so good. If a rally goes on long enough it destroys the background, eventually to the point where it just disappears.

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lethal league is under $5 right now and I recommend getting it yo

AND it’s coming to the PS4 and Xbox One May 10th too~