Let Us Be Fools and Play Drakengard

What kind of a person can kill?

Hello! My name is DeeArr, and I like videogames. Previously I have LPed horror games. This time I am LPing a true game of horror.
Welcome to the fever dream of my childhood, and the origin of something truly special.

Drakengard is a hack-and-slash/dogfighting/hell videogame developed by Cavia and released in 2003 on the PlayStation 2. The original title of the game in Japan is Drag-On Dragoon. The player fights swathes of enemies in vast, barren battlefields using steel, magic, and dragonfire. I hear the soundtrack in my nightmares.

This is not a good game. It is a strange, dark pit of creative ideas and callous design. It was also a key element of my childhood. For many years I honestly thought that Drakengard sprung from my imagination, until it became unexpectedly relevant many, many years later. But we’ll get to that.

DeeArr how are you going to make Drakengard even remotely interesting to watch?
Consider it a self-imposed challenge. Thread participation is present in that I would love input how how much or little editing I should use. Consider the first episode a baseline. There also may be guest commentators to shake things up, assuming I can rope certain individuals into watching this thing with me.

The videos will be pretty laid-back, with editing to minimize repetition in the most repetitive game of all time. I will do my best to be informative, and discuss my personal experience with this series. I hope you enjoy!

Let folks buckling in for the first time get the full experience, please! Only discuss things that have been covered in the videos. Thanks!




Well, this is going to be quite the ride. Kind of incredible really, both what sprouted from this game and just… this game in general. Should be fun to see an actual video LP of this wild, horrible ride.

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Oh no.

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Oh man. This is definitely going to be one to watch.

Also, I’m going to be cautiously positive for a moment and say that I like the idea of unlockable weapons that have different properties and movesets compared to the base weapon. Are you planning on finding all of them?


We’re gonna be collecting all of the weapons, yeah!

It’s going to be… something.


I’ve never heard of this game, but it seems like this will be a doozy. I’m excited!