Les Freres Terrible - Let's Play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

In the year 2014, Konami released the latest in their long-running Metal Gear franchise, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. I am not going to play this game for reasons we may or may not get into later.

Instead, we are here for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a much better and much more complete game in all respects.

Previous Metal Gear Solid titles had Snake traversing some manner of military complex or warzone another in a somewhat linear fashion. This latest entry takes that structure and throws it into the garbage in favor of an open-world game that’s a hell of a thing and a blast to play.

Joining me on this wild ride will be my brother Peanut Butler, who’s never given a shit about a Metal Gear in his life. Which is good, because this game is set up for exactly that kind of person. You don’t need to know or care about the previous games to enjoy this one, which is good and the correct way to design a game.

Before we get started, we got a couple of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Rules.

Firstly, NO SPOILERS. This may be a departure from the rest of the series, but this is still a Kojima-brand video game and there’s gonna be a lot of twists and turns. Don’t talk about shit we haven’t seen or can’t know about yet, including gameplay shit.

Second, yes the vape is a vape. Don’t tell me it’s not a vape.

Third, NO SPOILERS. What can I say, it’s a recurring issue.

Anyway, we good? Here’s the videos.

New videos posted every week assuming nothing catches on fire.


Cast of Characters
Here we’ll be keeping track of who’s who in this crazy roller coaster. Watch this spot for changes!

Punished “Metal Gear Ahab” Snake
Has been in a coma for 9 whole years. May or may not be from the future.

Came to kill us before being lit on fire by Ishmael. Probably still alive, I bet.

Helped us break out of a burning hospital. Maybe not a good driver. Whereabouts unknown.

A telekinetic…girl, possibly? An ally or partner of the Man on Fire, seemingly.

Man on Fire
Has two defining characteristics: “pissed” and “is fire”. Not a friend.

Solid dude. Knows a thing or two about running a base.

Snake’s trusty steed. Surprisingly good for his rank.

Kazuhira “Kaz” Miller
An old friend of some sort. Wants revenge on Cipher for their attack nine years ago.

Skull Face
One bad dude. Controls what is probably this game’s Metal Gear.

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Today, Kaz has a whole lot of words for us. Also, I’m filling in for Peanut Butler on the art front this week.

:tw: Brief mention of the rape plot point from Ground Zeroes.

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I never thought I’d hear a d-horse joke that hadn’t already been done but my hat is off to your rank pun.

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You can expect nothing less than excellent wordplay with me and my brother running the show.

It puns in the family.

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Now that pun is D-rank


In today’s installment, I’m very good at this game.

(now with working link!)

I’m so sorry.

This is some classic LizWiz LP goodness right here, folks.

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I bought Vegas as a direct result of this video.

Today we blow up tanks for 40 minutes, I hope you like it.

Happy Easter, y’all.

Still alive! Blame Jay for the title.