Late 80s, 90s and early 00s nostalgia thread.

It’s back.

This show made me a furry.

Don’t @ me.

Was literally just the easybake oven marketed to boys.

The things we did for fun.

This shit. ngl I loved this shit.

Don’t @ me

= you are now the coolest kid in school.

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THAC0 tho.

Bernie woulda won.

I grew up poor, so I rarely owned any of the stuff I’m posting. (If it’s not consumable.) I had no cable so I watched the shows and movies over at friends’ homes.

Pictured: The only good The Hobbit movie.

God this movie sucked.

Siulajia stop flirting with my fighter/thief! He’s chaotic-neutral and he’s just gonna break your heart!! :argh:

Something I remembered today that might trigger the memories of UK/Australian people.

Look at the series names on the wiki page for a good laugh

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::the siren from Ironside blares::
Tfw you stand stationary in a hallway for 5+ minutes because Imoen has 100% Find Traps but still isn’t highlighting the trap that has killed you three times already.

Too soon?

Coming to steal your girl. :sunglasses:

You kids and your mulch and wood chips.

While I’m on the subject!

These fucking slides would straight up cook your ass in the summer.



Post your ICQ number.*


*Don’t really post your ICQ number.

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All the stuff in the above posts is way too familiar. Those Creepy Crawlers ovens got super-hot super-fast, I had over 500 pogs, and I can’t remember if it was my house or Grandma’s that had the VHS rewinder. I do remember Grandma having a car phone, though. That blew my little mind.

Thanks to Care Bears and Rainbow Brite, the 1980s forever cemented my aesthetic for rainbows and soft-pointed stars.

Here’s one of a million 90s toys I always wanted, never got, and never played with:

You run! You slide! You slice your leg open on a microscopic hole in the middle!

I played on this just about every recess at my second elementary school. Wasn’t until 5th grade that I got brave enough to hang upside-down from the top without using my hands.

These ruled if you could get an adult to spin it.

Is it me, or have both of these disappeared from parks and playgrounds?

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Alright you non-extreme fuckheads lemme tell you about this manna from the Gods, literally all the Gods, put together, in one fucking drink. This is SURGE, not Surge, or surge, it’s goddamn SURGE, ALLCAPS!!!

This thing was made by Coke to kick Mountain Dew’s less extreme ass, and you know what??? It fucking did. It was like you were drinking pure distilled 90’s XTREME all the damn time. Let me tell you, Charlie Sheen almost had it right, this is like, tiger blood, but even more potent. Of course Coke couldn’t even handle the beast that they had unleashed upon the world, so they pulled it from the market, and only bottled and sold it in Norway for a good while, you know, NORWAY, fucking vikings and shit. This is literal viking juice. Coke realized that it couldn’t contain the beast any more, and put it back onto shelves to appease the masses. GoddDAMEN This shit fucking owns


Lmao fucking crossfire.

Anyone remember The Maxx? It was on MTV back when MTV did stuff other than reality TV. God that show was awful.

Rhonin Warriors was the shit.

Pirates of Dark Water.

Reboot and Beast Wars.

I didn’t personally watch this, but it always reminds me of two very different things:

  • Absurdly popular Franime, Code Lyoko
  • Bad Korean CGI, Cubix

I don’t even know why. I guess the art style and/or premise? Sort of?

I’m so glad this only costs a dollar a can now, so I can keep slamming SURGE well into my 30s.

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Most of the stuff I remember from the 90s were toy commercials like Socker Boopers.

That and Science Court.

I came here for the Stussy and I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s my contribution: a mascot that used to utterly terrify me as a child.

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When I was in school, we called it a “Surfer’s S”. I think I’ve heard it referred to as “The Cool S” on some podcasts, too.

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I don’t think I ever drew that S before. I was that kid that drew penises on desks.

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I didn’t draw shapes or images on my notebooks, I always filled in the white parts on the covers, or the lines on tennis balls.

Of my vague, blurry 90s childhood, this was always something that stuck out, though I don’t think it had more than one run on Australian TV in the afternoon, 'cause I never saw it and only the name resurfaced for me a few years ago.

Hey who remembers early 2000s voice dialling? I got super good at imitating my mum’s voice to call home on her mobile phone. That phone also had a simple music composer, too, I loved messing around with that thing.

Why’s it gotta be an either/or thing? YHVH knows I did both. :sunglasses:

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The Gobbledock is back for a limited run in parts of Australia right now!

It’s spreading, soon the late 80s, 90s, and early 00s thread will consume the LP Zone!

The Addams Family movies are great, even had this…rap music video…

and when i think early 2000’s in my experience, I think of vanilla coke (holy cripes this pictures big)