Laptop Power Supply Problem


A couple of weeks ago we had a huge storm that had knocked out our power. This has obviously happened before with no notable problems arising of any sort. However, and this could be completely coincidental, since then both my wife’s laptop as well as my own don’t seem to be charging. They’ll be plugged in and say they are charging, but the percentage won’t actually move at all.

I’ve been trouble shooting and trying different things for weeks now, short of buying new AC adaptors or batteries because I’m not actually sure what the problem is. We both have ASUS ROG laptops with internal batteries so we’re unable to actually remove them.

I’m just wondering if anyone knows any solutions I might have missed. I don’t really want to go out and buy new adaptors and batteries only to find that that was never the problem. Especially since we can’t just replace the batteries ourselves.


Have you tried bringing the laptops somewhere else to charge them, like a friends house or public library or something? Just to eliminate the possibility that it’s your outlets somehow.


Does Windows 10 (assuming you have that) say that you are plugged in but the battery is not charging when you hover over the battery icon?

Have you tried rebooting your computer while the power adapter is plugged in? I’ve had a situation in the past where my computer didn’t recognize the charger and the BIOS told me that before booting the computer.

In the situation I was in, I accidentally physically destroyed my charger port by dropping the laptop on the plugged in charging cable. After I got the port repaired, it turned out that somewhere in the process the motherboard side of the charging circuit was also damaged such that it didn’t recognize the power cable, so it would refuse to charge the battery. It would run the computer itself just fine with the charger though.

So it could be anything from the charger being broken in some way to something wrong with the computer. It would be a bit weird if something damaged both computers instead of both chargers, though.

…I guess this might not be very helpful with finding the exact cause.


I have not. Next time I can I will definitely check. But it would certainly be weird if all the outlets just suddenly stopped working for only the two laptops.

It says 88% available (plugged in, charging)
There have been times when it stops charging but the standard fixes I’ve found switch it back to charging. Occasionally it will even say “12 minutes to full charge” but just never change from that.