Laid back streams with your buddy DeeArr



Hello! DeeArr here, formerly DumbRodent from SomethingAwful and thereabouts, and I sure do like videogames.

I’ve been streaming impromptu lately, and plan to start holding an actual schedule for it! This thread will be a handy little guide to what I’m up to, and I’ll make sure to keep it updated.

I currently stream through my Youtube channel, where I have recently been chilling out to the quirky PS2 RPG Okage: Shadow King. I intend to also start streaming the lucid dream Zeldalike Anodyne! If I stream elsewhere, I will be sure to announce it on my Youtube channel.

The current plan is to stream Saturdays at 5PM EST!


Gonna stream some super cool Hollow Knight in a minute here! Maybe something else a bit later. Maybe I should hold polls here…


Have been held up a lot lately (and also lazy), but I am gonna be streaming some Transistor later today because I love Transistor and haven’t played it in years. Also because I’m excited to play Pyre.