Koko's Basket o' Fruits 🍎

Hi there! My name is Koko and I like to draw!!! And sometimes other things but mostly that one. :star:

Probably my biggest inspirations are stuff like Sailor Moon, Kirby, and classic JRPGs. I do LP fanart and stuff like that from time to time!! I want to make comics and independent games. I guess I already do those things, too??? Wow!

Some things I've made

Supergreatfriend’s Bully Demise character fanart

Jerma985 fanart for “Rat Movie”

Eric from Magician’s Quest. Made while watching Janine Hawkins’ streams.

VoidBurger (Kirby’s Dream Land 3) fanart

Probably one of the biggest things I’ve made is a collaboration with my best friend Lumi, AKA BirdRobot!
It’s a game called Doki Doki Love Stomp and it’s a fan game inspired by the Bully Demise series of LP(?) videos by Supergreatfriend.
It’s available for download here! https://birdrobot.itch.io/doki-doki-love-stomp

Thanks for stoppin’ by!! (P.S.: Please let me know if I made any errors with this post!)


I’ve been busy with a project recently, so I haven’t had much time to draw anything I can actually post. But here’s a little preview of a picture I started the other day. Kind of a hilarious insight into my planning process.


Here’s some Adventure Zone fanart I drew in October last year!


I love all your fanarts so much :smiley:

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Doki Doki Love Stomp got an update for its 1 year anniversary! It’s very silly! There’s a new route to play through and achievements to unlock. People like achievements, right?


I did some little pen drawings today!