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Hey, all! I’m Wes Schneider. Every Sunday I explore the best/worst of 90s fantasy and unscary horror games. Most of my fare leans toward indie games, pixel-horror, DOS strategy, various shades of fantasy “classics,” and other nerd-games of similar caliber.

When/Where Do I Stream?

Every Sunday at 3:00 PST at WesSchneider on Twitch!

Now and then I’m able to eke in a rando stream some other night of the week, but nothing reliable. I’ll post here when something out of the blue happens.

If I’m live, you can get a hint of what’s happening right here:

What Do I Stream?

Mostly old-school or small studio stuff. I rarely stream big budget releases—though I might make exceptions if something seriously strikes my fancy. I’d rather hit a nostalgic classic or an indie game then the big thing du jour.

When it comes to indie or small studio games, streams are usually blind and I try to be pretty positive—someone (probably) worked really hard on this stuff. Some of my favorites from last year include The Count Lucanor, The Last Door, and Dead by Daylight.

Old-school stuff is a different matter. If I’m playing Fantasy Empires or Menzoberranzan or something, expect nerd humor.

I often invite a few author and tabletop game designer friends along to co-commentate during streams, especially when it comes to snarking over games with beholders. We try to keep shop-talk limited, though, since these are fun streams, not rules FAQs.

Since I’m also an author and tabletop game designer, I dedicate one hour of my first Sunday stream of the month to an Ask Me Anything forum. Lots of folks have questions about getting into making tabletop games or writing or RPG nerdery and I’m happy to answer questions, give my advice, help with your home game, or whatever you need. But then we get right to the games.

Where Do Streams Go?

I post almost all of my streams to my YouTube page here: Wes’s YouTube.

Currently I divide up long-running series I’m working on by game, like Inside or Yomawari, Night Alone, or by more general elements like Steam One-Shots for short series or Games with Friends (for more party game fare).

I’m also experimenting with a series called “Pathfinders Play,” where I tackle old-school D&D games with tabletop RPG designers. Currently we’ve done Eye of the Beholder and Eye of the Beholder 2, with Menzoberranzan in the works. I’m still toying with format and ironing out kinks, but those sure are things.

My rambly-ass AMA streams also go here: Wes’s AMA Streams (if you’re into deep tabletop RPG nerdery).

I post new videos to my YouTube twice a week, once on Wednesday and another on Saturday.

##Helpful Criticism or Advice?

Both are great! Streaming has been a hobby of mine for just over a year. While my technical skills have improved, I’m always looking for next steps and new tricks—particularly in terms of sound quality (the endless struggle). Most of my experience comes from trial and error or what I’ve gleaned from watching my favorite streamers. So, if you immediately spot something I could be doing better, feel free to ping me here!

Can I Get Stream Info Shot Into My Eyes?

I always post links on my Twitter and Tumblr page when I’m going live. If you want such things, feel free to follow along.

Wes on Twitter

Wes on Tumblr

Is There a Cause? Can I Support It?

I’m always looking to improve the quality of my streams. I’m also doing some worldbuilding for developing writing projects on the side. If you’re interested in either, feel free to check out my Patreon or drop me a tip during a stream—details on both live below and on my Twitch page. Both are beyond appreciated!

Wes’s Patreon

Streamlabs Tip Jar

Anything Else?

If you ever come across something that seems like it’d be up my alley, definitely drop me a line here, on any of the social media sites above, or even feel free to friend me on Steam.

I’m also seeking fare for my first honest LP and charity stream, so don’t be surprised if I muse about those around these boards too.

Thanks for dropping by!