Just Set It to Easy: The Casual LP Thread



Let’s Check Out NitorInc.: Touhou Microgame$!

Today, it’s two great tastes that go great together! Jay’s love of microgames and my old love for Touhou collide in NitorInc., a Warioware-inspried minigame collection with a heavy focus on the Touhou fan community! Teams of artists, coders and musicians have all come together to make some cool and distinct minigames for the project, in a very DIY-style endeavor. There’s a lot of charm in the game, even if you’re not wholly familiar with the source material, and it provides a good jumping-off point in case you want to fall into fandom hell!!!


Let’s Play Hidden My Game By Mom 3

I invited my friend Hobotron back to help me find my game, which has once again been hidden by mom! What are mom’s new plans to keep her son from gaming on the go? Can we maneuver through her most dangerous traps yet in order to get our game on?


God, that sequel hook! This series is so good!



Let’s Play Noobow

Today, Jay and I play through an obscure Gameboy game based on a similarly obscure chocolate mascot, Noobow! As far as I could learn from the limited video footage of him, Noobow is a clumsy yellow blob man who loves nature, children, and candy, making him relatable and lovable. In his video game outing, Noobow solves problems for a number of his animal friends and protects the natural order, leading to a finale that really has him doing good for the whole world. Everyone should tell him he did a good job.


Wow, I never knew about Noobow before today but I would now die for my mysterious and chocolate-loving friend.


I’m not gonna lie. I spent a large portion of this video thinking it was some sort of esoteric indie game. I guess this is the mysterious surprise inside the chocolate his adorable expressions have sold me.


I now love this dorky mascot and his helpful ways.


We begin Silver’s story with much the same attitude we did the last two. We’ll soon find that wasn’t low enough.


Silver’s own unique flaws start setting in. Then Amy dies.


Sonic 06

The other most infamous ball hallway in the game. My attempts to bypass it lead to a horrifying realization…


Luppyluppy indeed.


Bomberman received an official main-series entry in 2017 to the surprise of everybody (it’s Konami) but the applause of few (it’s mediocre). Outside of being a vehicle for the exact same multiplayer the franchise has had since the second game, its design now formally credited to Ctrl+V, SBR is also a revival of the SNES Super Bomberman subseries and loose remake of SB2.
R finds the multicolored, multi-one-dimensionally-characterized Bombermen facing the evil overlord Buggler and his lackeys The Five Dastardly Bombers. This time however, there are animated comic-bookish cutscenes and voice acting, which manage to bring an odd, innocent charm with their vibrant but low-budget art direction and B-grade voice acting. However, what could have been a cute-but-standard Bomberman game gets badly dragged down by some truly obnoxious boss design decisions. This may be a casual LP, but you’ll thank me for still editing the video.
After all, if anyone was going to LP this game, I guess it was going to be me.

This LP is edited down from a full playthrough I streamed on August 28 as thanks to my Patreon patrons for a month of support. Most of the LP is solo, except for my friend JigglyJacob popping into the Discord from late in Part 1 until early in Part 4. My computer’s power shut off midway through Part 3, losing the first chunk of the recording, so I had to use the YouTube stream; as such the video and audio quality are lower than my usual standards until then.


Lord Buggler doesn’t seem quite as endearing as his laughing robo-potato version, from Bomberman Hero.

Though I’ll admit I might be a little biased there, since that laugh is one of my all-time favorite dumb sounds.

Still, I’m always down to watch Bomberman.


Sonic 06

Even for last-minute, “I have no other options before I keel over and die” plans, that was a really bad plan.


Super Bomberman R

Aqua hates violence, so she’s gonna love me.
The major flaw of the bosses starts to rear its ugly head.


Super Bomberman R

This is why I keep a desk fan pointed directly into my computer.


Super Bomberman R

As Trent Reznor would say: Looks like another all-time low.


Sonic 06

Super Bomberman R

Hooray, double update! Both continue to be monotonous, but Sonic is tempered by Jacob’s fury and Bomberman by Yellow’s sheer joy in the face of surprising morbidity.


Super Bomberman R

I blanked hard yesterday, so just have the last two parts together so I don’t blank tomorrow.

The game closes out with essentially the same drawn-out fight twice, and then a post-game planet was added in as DLC where you kill as many cute creatures as possible.
I wouldn’t call the game a scream. It had the makings of a perfectly good Bomberman story mode if they only tightened the whole thing up and made the player waste way less time. I think I’ll stick with the old Super Bombermans or Saturn Bomberman.